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Zoto Vs Topup Africa-differences And Similarities Between The Apps

Discussion in 'Free Airtime Giveaway/Apps & Cracked' started by Suleiman1632, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Suleiman1632

    Suleiman1632 Enthusiast

    Hello LTN

    Most of us know about the popular ZOTO application for android.It is the best app used for purchasing airtime and paying of bills ..

    ZOTO came up with awesome offers like getting double the amount you recharge via your debit/credit card(ATM CARDS) and discounted prices for purchases..The applications also gives referrals bonuses that no topup application has ever offered before.

    Zoto was established in 2015 with a goal to build a safe,
    fast and easy recharge platform for Nigeria. The platform is
    available on iOS and Android and has become established
    as one of Nigeria’s bestrecharge solutions with a
    4.5 star rating on the Play Store.

    Just recently,TOPUP AFRICA ,an application similar to ZOTO came up and many Nigerians have been utilizing the benefits of the application.

    In this post ,i will be discussing about the Similarities and differences between ZOTO AND TOPUP AFRICA.


    Both apps can be used to pay bills like cable/tv bills,electricity etc.
    Both apps can be used to purchase airtime using your card(atm card)
    Both apps offer prices for recharging using the app in terms of free bonuses after recharging
    Both apps have referrals commission
    Both app have their own bonus wallets..ZOTO bonus wallet is called zoto WALLET and the money there is called zotocash while Topup own is called Profit.


    Zoto offers high referral commission than topup africa..Zoto currently gives you N600 for each successful referrals.This applies when the person you referred to makes his or her first recharge using his atm card via zoto app.

    In Zoto, You can earn up to N20,000 in cashback by sharing your unique referral code with friends Isn’t that exciting?! The referral feature is available on the ‘Account Tab’

    Topup africa only gives only 50 naira as referral commission and that is not cool.So i refer zoto than topup africa.

    Zoto have wide range of offers which topup africa does not have.
    ZOTO Coupon codes offers like ZOTO50 ,ZOTO100 ,WALLET ,BOOM ,DOUBLE, etc gives your awesome bonuses on recharges.Please know that you must be eligible to use those codes before i can work for you..If you are a ZOTO user ,always check your mail for offers from ZOTO.

    So from the above,you can see that there are not much differences between zoto and topup Africa..


    You can go for any of the them depending on your choice ..But i prefer ZOTO than TOPUP AFRICA..

    If you wish to register on ZOTO, please do not forget to use my referral code SULEIM111 ,thanks.

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  2. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    I prefer top up Africa because it has really put millions of smile on people face especially people like me:pemoji_thumbsup
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  3. toheeb2452

    toheeb2452 Enthusiast Established

    I like Topup African cox is simple and easy
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  4. Olu2nde

    Olu2nde Enthusiast Established

    Zoto has it joooor..... Zoto pays you and the person you v referred 1000 as commission back then.... And back then you can tweak them through PARALLEL SPACE.apk to earn more
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  5. @kings

    @kings Enthusiast

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  6. @kings

    @kings Enthusiast

    but africa top up paid more pple and itz easier as for zoto you must transact 50# via atm right
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  7. Olu2nde

    Olu2nde Enthusiast Established

    Yh..... I no know wetin do dem this days
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