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Discussion in 'Tarrif Plan' started by Prime, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Prime

    Prime Glaive Staff Member Glaive Established

    This is to the mtn zone lovers.
    today, I want to introduce to you, “MTN ZONE Tariff Plan” This plan is currently, one of the cheapest tariff plan in Nigeria and one thing that I love about them is that it is so cheap and simple to migrate to.

    The MTN zone plan is a Prepaid tariff plan from MTN which allows MTN Subscribers to make cheap calls get call discounts based on their location. MTN Zone is a prepaid plan only available for all prepaid customer at great discount valid for mtn to mtn calls online (ON-NET).

    MTN Zone call Discounts ranges from 2k/ seconds, 4k/seconds, 8k/seconds, 12k/ seconds, 16k/seconds, 20k/seconds, 24k/ seconds and sometime times, 30k/sec.

    Learn how to Display MTN Zone Discount on your Mobile phone. This is so simple and short. The method on how to display thee MTN Zone discount on your own Mobile phone is easy, all you have to do is to visit your text message settings and create broadcast service with channel number 50.

    After which, you can go ahead and put it on and you are set to get discount information on your network base on the zone you are.when you are about to make call, you will see how much you are going to be charged per seconds. the mtn zone helps you save money on calls.

    Step by Step Guidelines on How to Migrate to MTN zone plan
    Code for the Registration: dial

    Code for the Plan Menu: dial *135#

    Code for Tariff Plan: dial *135*2#

    Code for Tariff Rate: dial *135*3#

    Code for Cell broadcast set-up information: dial *135*4#

    Code for Notification off: 135*6#

    Code for Notification on: *135*5#

    What are the Benefits of Migrating to MTN Zone Plan?
    Amazing Discount On MTN to MTN Calls Notification On Calls
    • Happy Hour Calls
    • (Free Midnight Calls)
    • Incredible Added Value Service
    • MTN Happy Hours is free calls From 12am till 4am.

    Make sure you have at least a minimum balance of 100N airtime before making happy hours calls. It totally free of charge and your airtime will not be deducted.
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  3. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    wow, thanks for this and it is quite cheap compared to mtn impulse but I prefer ipulse in term of night browsing oh and I am sure it is the case for Teams also :rolleyes:
  4. Bartels

    Bartels Journeyman

    I miss mtn zone. I enjoyed it so much while it lasted
  5. Bartels

    Bartels Journeyman

    Some zone will give me 0.4kobo per second
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  6. Xseed

    Xseed Journeyman Established

    Not working
  7. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Guru Established

    ama try it.
  8. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    post was made august 2017{=}
  9. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Guru Established

    not noticing that.........[[]