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Women Reveal The One Thing That Instantly Attracts Them To Men

Discussion in 'LIFESTYLE & HEALTHY LIVING' started by Olopso, May 15, 2018.

  1. Olopso

    Olopso Participant Established

    You might think the right moves in bed will make her
    swoon—and trust us, they will. But you don’t have to be
    the master of foreplay to get her going (though it
    certainly doesn’t hurt). In fact, there are lots of random
    ways to turn a woman on.
    Here, 13 women reveal the one thing that always
    attracts them to a guy—and some of their answers
    might surprise you.
    Turn On #1: Your Hands
    “The hand-to-forearm region. Platonic friend driving
    stick-shift? Oh damn. Stranger playing bass? Take me
    now. Something about a good looking set of capable
    hands makes me wonder what else they could get up
    to.” —Erika, 22
    Turn On #2: Kissing Her Forehead
    “It’s such a simple thing, but it feels so intimate since
    it’s such a gentle gesture. It makes you feel loved and
    cared for — not just like a slam piece.” — Bri, 22
    Turn On #3: Not Trying Too Hard
    “One thing that gets me is when my boyfriend gets
    ready in the morning. He wears nothing but his boxer
    briefs, they’re fitted to his body, and his hair looks
    disheveled. He has his glasses on and is still kind of
    sleepy. I guess in that state, he’s so natural. Nothing’s
    forced, it’s very raw.” —Heather, 23
    Turn On #4: Eye Contact
    “Prolonged eye contact, but in a loving way, not in a I-
    might-kill-you-later way. I know he’s paying attention
    and cares what I have to say.” —Molly, 22
    Be warned, though, there is a limit to how long you can
    stare at someone before you creep them out.
    Turn On #5: Making A Fool Of Yourself
    “Dad dance moves: If a guy is down to publicly
    embarrass himself with some awful dance moves, sign
    me up. I think it’s cool when a guy toes the line
    between having himself put together 24/7 around me,
    and being able to completely let his guard down and be
    goofy. No one likes someone who takes themselves
    seriously.” —Holly, 21
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    Turn On #6: Dressing To Impress
    “I am a huge sucker for a man in a suit, or really a well-
    dressed man in general—doesn’t have to be a suit. It
    makes an average guy attractive and an already
    handsome man a knock-out.” —Sara, 24
    Turn On #7: Cardigans
    “I love it when the weather gets chilly and guys wear
    tons of layers. If they wear cardigans, sweaters,
    scarves, and a beanie I’m a dead woman. I’m attracted
    to guys who are put together and take control of their
    lives. I just imagine them carefully putting together their
    outfit and being proud about looking both fashionable
    and warm. Also, I wish I could be zipped up in their coat
    and snuggle.” — Maia, 22
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    According To Knockout Stunner Gabrielle Union
    Turn On #8: Just Being Nice To People
    “If a guy is encouraging and uplifting to others, I usually
    peg him for having a whole host of sexy attributes: He
    is innately positive, he enjoys his career, he is genuinely
    interested in and celebrates the success of others… the
    list is inexhaustible. Bottom line: This guy is happy with
    himself, and makes the world a better place. Now that’s
    attractive.” —Rebecca, 29
    Turn On #9: Saying All The Right Things
    “I love when guys actually listen and make conversation
    with you without making any sexual advances or being
    creepy. That’s how I can tell he’s actually interested,
    and it’s really attractive when a guy can have an
    intelligent conversation.” —Maddie, 23
    Turn On #10: Barry White Baritone
    “A deep, husky voice. It makes them seem strong and
    serious.” — Kerry, 26
    Turn On #11: Playing Handyman
    “Fixing something—especially fixing something with your
    hands, like a broken cabinet door or a dripping tap, or
    even fixing or removing a virus from my computer. It’s
    manly, sweet, and super sexy.” —Amy, 32
    Turn On #12: Taking It Down A Notch
    “A quiet confidence. There’s nothing more grotesque
    than a guy who’s all out there, showing off a car, his
    suit, or puffy muscles. But a guy who’s leaning back in
    the corner, taking in his surroundings, and feels no need
    to show off… sexy as hell.” —Mariel, 29
    Turn On #13: Showing Some Passion
    “When a guy speaks intelligently about his passion, I
    melt. I once asked a guy out on a date after he told me
    about his congressional letter writing campaign. College
    was weird, but you get it.” —Erin, 25
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