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Giveaways Win Cloud Storage, pCloud Premium Plus

Discussion in 'Premium Accounts' started by Alex42, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Alex42

    Alex42 Teams

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    pCloud Premium Plus

    The popular service pCloud.com is a promising Swiss project that was successfully launched in 2013 and currently (by 2019) has over 8 million active users. The service was conceived as a safe and secure storage for both individuals and businesses.

    For most people who are looking for cloud storage, the choice comes down to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Although these services have their strengths when it comes to privacy, none of them are credible. In contrast, pCloud has Swiss roots, does not analyze the data you upload, and does not sell information about you to third parties. In addition, this service has an additional pCloud Crypto tool that allows you to set up private, end-to-end encrypted folders and receive security that none of the three kings of the cloud storage provide. Save the folder in the cryptographic folder, and no one except you will have access to the decryption keys.

    Another important advantage of pCloud.com is that it works as a virtual hard disk and does not store any files locally! Even at a free rate it is very convenient, especially for those who have a computer or a little internal memory. And at a paid rate, you can get a virtual disk of 2 terabytes at an attractive price! It's fantastic! In addition, there is the possibility of a monthly payment (in small amounts), and the purchase of a lifetime license. Would you like to get 2 terabytes for life? Under the terms of the service it is at least 99 years old, so most likely this will be enough for you.

    Prizes to win:

    1st prize: a Premium Plus 2TB account for life (value of 350 EUR)

    2nd prize: a Premium Plus account of 500 GB for life (value of 175 EUR)

    3rd prize: a Premium Plus 2TB subscription account for one year (value of 95.88 EUR)

    You can participate with the email address of your free pCloud account or with a social network account.

    Watch the rules of the game!


    Start of the contest: 06.06.2019 - 10AM CET

    End of the contest: 16.06.2019 - 0AM CET

    Announcement of the winners: 17.06.2019

    Enter here:

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