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Hot Which Network is the most stingiest network in Nigeria

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by 90campus Technology, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. 90campus Technology

    90campus Technology Journeyman Established


    It's been a while guys but its time we start wrapping things up since 2018 is going back home to watch us while 2019 welcomes us in.

    Today, Our December stingiest ISP hunt has begun and we would really love everyone to participate in this voting counts as its time for our network providers and ncc to do something different in 2019, when we say something different, we mean something worth using and we deserves some interesting promos & cool and relieved plans..

    So to get started, we would love to write brief summary of what plans they offer and how their customers are really enduring it.

    Starting with the most actively used network :


    As we're all aware of what MTN has been doing to us, well am also a good user of MTN but i actually don't have a particular network that's %90 enough to serve subscribers needs.

    Recently MTN has been having some upgrades and updates on some of their plans which has benefited & annoyed some of their subscribers but majorly, everyone is focused on the Mpulse blast & there has been several complaints about the Night Plan also been reduced & increased.
    > Point 1 :
    Truth is, the night plan is something this network providers should actually let users use unlimitedly, believe me 12-4am and they are not still comfortable with the 25naira for 500mb plan which they reduced cos users are much.
    Why would they do that?
    Night plans
    ought to be unlimited and not capped because out of their %100 subscribers, I'm sure only %30 would have time to surf at night..

    > Point 2 :
    After the introduction of Mpulse, Mr MTN was not satisfied and comfortable with it again because most of their users are moving to the plan which is actually meant for kids .
    The plan was #50 - 350MB, #150 - 1.2GB again, they reduced it and decided to lock subscription for some time.

    I don't have to write all day because am sure my readers knows what they've done to us, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the answers below if they really deserve it..

    Airtel Nigeria

    Another one is here again, very famous but over strategic when it comes to competition.
    I present to you MR AIRTEL NIGERIA which I'm sure %80 of us have heard about...

    Well the major things they've done to suffer their internet lovers users is scrapping of the #200 for 4GB plan after recent discoveries and loop holes being discovered on this network, just like MTN they actually found a way to block it.

    Well i don't have much to say about them since we're all a good user of Airtel NG, we know what they've done to us.

    Take for instance 100N for 75MB , who would go for it?

    For Now i wouldn't say much on GLO NIGERIA & MR ETISALAT - 9MOBILE - TELEOLOGY??? Which one should we even call em?

    Daily Plans :
    Airtel : 75MB For #100
    MTN : 75MB For #100
    9Mobile : 40MB For #100
    Glo : 100MB For #100

    Looks like MTN is leading as the most stingiest network provider in Nigeria, according to our telegram Votes :-
    You must be registered to see links

    Guys, it's up to you to start voting & dropping your comments below..

    Source : You must be registered to see links
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  3. Kurosaki Ichigo

    Kurosaki Ichigo Guru Established

    It's 9mobile bro not MTN.
  4. Njoku bobby

    Njoku bobby Teams

    MTN is currently the never lasts...they never allow loopholes in any services... their services are quite fast but they are really stingy...
  5. CybergeekXI

    CybergeekXI Enthusiast Established

    its 9mobile, their cheat doesnt last at all
  6. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Guru Established

    9mobile followed by mtn
    CybergeekXI likes this.