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What Really Happened To Loyalteams And What You Should About Loyalteams Forum Of Students

Discussion in 'LTN ANNOUCEMENT' started by Jams, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Finally, we made it out alive and we still stand firm despite all oir downfall and unreachable this forum was.

    I felt absurd writing this post mine cause I am not happy things turn out this way cause it was beyond my imagination abut who can we actually put the blame on, since God wanted this way so I got no complaints but my heart is hashing seriously.

    But I am still thankful to God and hoping that this dream of ours will surely come true one day and without God and you guys (Teams) this forum won't be able to stand on its feet and gain recognition we failed to have and around the web and to the outside world.

    After over 9 days of our broken I forum and unable to access neither registered, we unfortunately loose all our members cause it was under some sort of unknown attack that I can't just lay emphasis on but thankfully and God controll we were able to recover our post and members .But still we still have some broken shell on our forum we need to recover from, But this doesn't stop the great Nigeria's students and prevent them from what they know how to do best and also conquer those challenges that cross our path. But this is actually one of the challenges, but failed this challenges and we get to know of our weakness part.

    There's QUOTE that says:
    Quote by @jams

    And I think you will quite agree with me that this was indeed a great challenge, that expose us to the risk of losing all great post on Loyalteams including registered members of loyalteams forum of students and it really pains me a lot as I am
    writing this post.

    And this quote of mine is also among the factors that keeps me up and not giving up and which says
    "I will always have hope, provided that I am alive and not relent on what I do to make the world a better place "
    I actually derived this from yoruba rich idioms and from my own view of how life is.

    But I hope and believe that God would replace it with thousand of members that would surpass the one we have before before such incident, but believe if you have the intention to asked me how? But I hope God will do wonder but with us working hard more than before to have the edge and keep the forum updated.
    So I need you guys, and if you're willing to be part of us, you are free to register in here Sign up | loyalteams

    But why are we eager to keep fighting?

    Hmmm.. It is simply because loyalteams have goals, aims and objectives we wish to attain.

    But let me sum everything in just a sentence on the aims and objectives of loyalteams.com.

    We want loyalteams to be a great amd variant source for students news, Technology facts, how to make money online and many other information interested by a students.

    Reason Why You Should Register In Loyalteams
    The reason are not much but are what makes you to stay, visit and have positive vibe for this great forum of students.
    • Loyalteams is not an ordinary forum but a forum of students where you will meet other great and Tech addict members in loyalteams.And where all types of free browsing tips, data plan offer as well as some hit tech tips and fact anyone would love to know about.

    • Loyalteams forum understand the gearing of members and take into consideration other people before a decision is made.
    • Loyalteams is a forum a students must watched out and participate in cause loyalteams is a unique forum of its own kind.
    • We are not faceless, neither anonymous but human being like you and trust me we do engage in all ramifications done by human and we think and adjust thing like you do.
    I have done my own part and let's it start with you by signing up to our forum here Sign up | loyalteams and also by sharing our forum to your friend and through your social media. And to other great teams @schoolhelp @Dorlipi @iamhessteem @ramzy and many other, I really appreciate your efforts so far.
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  2. danamo1

    danamo1 Teams

    Good write up boss @jams, I must confess this, This post really makes to join and be part of this great forum. Keep it up.
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  3. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Thanks @danamo1 and you are welcome to Loyalteams hope to see more from you:)
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  4. ramzy

    ramzy Glaive Glaive

    I sincerely, I am out of speech for this wonderful post of yours. But like you said that 'a great forum doesn't gained recognition without some challenges'and this is quite one.But as for me,started from the day one, I knew this forum was meant to do something extraordinary great things and this won't stop us from achieving it .I stand with Loyalteams forum of students.
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  5. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Thanks for your comments and for being part of this forum @ramzy.
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  6. UnKnown

    UnKnown Teams Anonymous

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