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Very Hot: Earned ₦200 Free Airtime On Revanga for Sign Up

Discussion in 'Free Airtime Giveaway/Apps & Cracked' started by Kayzzy, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Kayzzy

    Kayzzy Teams

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    Here again, I'm back with another lovely app called "You must be registered to see links"which also dishes out free airtime to users. You must be registered to see links is a community that rewards members with cash for doing daily sponsored tasks ranging from companies product patronage to websites visit.
    You must be registered to see links
    It is absolutely free to join You must be registered to see links but you make even more money daily when you are a premium member by unlocking more paying features You must be registered to see links.

    When you have upto ten dollars ($10) in your wallet. And your withdrawal will be proccessed and sent to your account between 24-48 hours
    Every task that is posted daily has been fully paid for by the company or individual who hosted or sponsored the task. You must be registered to see links members part of the earnings gotten from such them

    Earn ₦500 Free Airtime with Revanga
    Revanga gives free N100 airtime when you sign up. Also, when you refer a friend, you get free N100 airtime and the person referred gets N100 airtime, no need to download any App just register and start earning airtime or withdraw direct to your local Bank.

    To start getting free airtime with Revanga You must be registered to see links and start referring people using your unique referral link.
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  3. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Guru Established

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  4. Kurosaki Ichigo

    Kurosaki Ichigo Forum Knight Established

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    How did you sign up because it is showing me select city without any option.
  5. Kenny Johnson

    Kenny Johnson Teams

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    I referred someone but they didnt give me ₦100 neither the person I referred got any....dlnt know why?

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