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.ehi (updated 04-12-2018)FAST EVOZI SERVERS EHI CONFIGS FOR MTN 0.0K AND MPULSE + 9mobile special packs

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by hector, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. How I can't update my HTTP injector
  2. Smith

    Smith Teams

    Thanks for this selfless service LTN group. Really grateful.
  3. Turbo

    Turbo Teams

    Nice one
  4. Hamous

    Hamous Journeyman Established

    Download the one above, it is new updated HTTPinjector.
  5. Okeyboutic

    Okeyboutic Teams

    Good job
  6. Smith

    Smith Teams

    Much appreciation.
  7. Marcellinus

    Marcellinus Teams

    This is really really working Thanks LTN
  8. Victor1997

    Victor1997 Participant Established

    So if the configs sent expired we have to create another ssh?
  9. Sah Alex

    Sah Alex Participant Established

    Thanks alots sir. we appreciate
  10. Eneh Emeka

    Eneh Emeka Teams

    una too much I swear.
  11. Datalife437

    Datalife437 Teams

    Please we need the configuration for rooted devices. Pls:sob:
  12. Migel

    Migel Participant

    Thanks boss
  13. whillzy

    whillzy Teams

    My device is rooted and it ain't working for me . Pls what's the way foward
  14. valentine89

    valentine89 Teams

  15. Thanks for update

    But before the files are not supporting on my injector
  16. Sah Alex

    Sah Alex Participant Established

    use play store updated version
  17. Eze1

    Eze1 Teams

    Admin please If I finish my 1gig cap what can I do to browse using HTTP INJECTOR
  18. Hamous

    Hamous Journeyman Established

    Change your SIM to other MTN and start flexing again.....
  19. Kellywiz

    Kellywiz Teams

    Please Admin I need ehi file for the updated HTTP injector
  20. Hamous

    Hamous Journeyman Established

    check page 1, it is there
    Kellywiz likes this.