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.ehi (updated 04-12-2018)FAST EVOZI SERVERS EHI CONFIGS FOR MTN 0.0K AND MPULSE + 9mobile special packs

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by hector, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Freedom

    Freedom Teams

    you guy are doing a great work here
  2. Ayomikun

    Ayomikun Teams

    Please how again do I get the config file for my laptop??
  3. Sal-Jay

    Sal-Jay Teams

    Hi, does the evozi have its own app separately or it's 2 b used with HTTP injector?
  4. Please the http injector is not opening and it has installed and it is not even showing the icon one will click on that will make it open.i mean the one u gave us link to downlaod
  6. Horlabanjy

    Horlabanjy Teams

    Please how will I change server when it expires
  7. Xseed

    Xseed Journeyman Established

    enjoying my lappy
  8. godspeed023

    godspeed023 Teams

    Bless up bro.. .More grace and knowledge
  9. Xseed

    Xseed Journeyman Established

  10. prophet

    prophet Anonymous Established

    passing and going
  11. Vickonet

    Vickonet Teams

    I am not seeing the download link for the new EHI confi please
  12. At last, it has opened, the new version http injector has started working, thanks @hector much love. Guys keep on dowmloading it until you see the icon but must sure you remove the old version from your phone first. One love.
  13. Ahmad Tijani

    Ahmad Tijani Teams

    Thanks but how do I update my http injector because when ever i insert configure file they keep telling me to update my http injector please we need solution
  14. I think you are not using the new version, it will be good you delete it and download the new version, you dont need any update.
    Ahmad Tijani likes this.
  15. Ahmad Tijani

    Ahmad Tijani Teams

  16. Ahmad Tijani

    Ahmad Tijani Teams

    Mean while where do I download it??
  17. Nafiussg201

    Nafiussg201 Teams

    Pls I need http injector configuration file
  18. Nafiussg201

    Nafiussg201 Teams

    Pls add me in your group 08142482007
  19. Osahon

    Osahon Teams

    @hector.... Thanks boss. Don dey wait for update since.
    Jams likes this.
  20. giftgoke

    giftgoke Journeyman Established

    One chance V*rus go uninstall it from your application manager b4 they h#ck your phone