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Update: Get 9Mobile 60GB Free Night Data with Just N500, 30days

Discussion in 'Mobile Network & Free Browsing Cracking Question' started by schoolhelp, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Glaive Established

    Get 9Mobile 60GB Free Night Data with Just N500, Valid for 30days

    As we know, 9mobile is offering free night data for YouTube streaming from the hours of 1AM-5AM to customers who purchase a data bundle on 9mobile. If you subscribe to any 9Mobile data bundle, you’ll be given free night data capped at 2GB data to stream via YouTube from 1am-5am, for 30days.

    Every night in the 30 days, you will be given free 2GB to watch Youtube videos, which equals to 60GB in total. And thanks to AnonyTun VPN, you will be able to use the Youtube data to browse and download on any website at midnight.
    Here are the needed materials.

    A 9mobile (etisalat) sim card
    Strong 3G/4G network
    An Android Smartphone
    AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk - Download it here

    To get the free Youtube night data on your sim, follow these few steps:
    1. You need to migrate to easy clique by dialing *200*2*2# and selecting option 1 (change to more Clique)
    2. After successful migration to easy clique, dial *545*3*1# or dial * 545*3# choose option 1 (for 100% data bonus)
    3. Next, recharge your sim with N500 airtime
    4. Then, subscribe to N500 monthly data plan
    5. Dial *200*3*1# and choose option 3 for 500MB data with a month validity.

    Now, open your AnonyTun Beta
    Tap on CONFIGURACIÓN (Stealth Settings)
    Then turn on Tunel VPN ON/OFF
    Change Connection Protoco to HTTP
    Change Puerto to 8081
    Turn on PAYLOAD (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)

    As shown below;
    Click on EDITAR PAYLOAD (Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)
    Now use below settings
    URL/Host: myaccount.google.com
    Request method: POST
    Injection method: Normal
    Tick User-Agent and Keep-Alive .
    Leave other boxes un-ticked
    Click on GENERATE, then Save

    At night from 1AM to 5AM, launch the already configured Anonytun and start flexing with your free 2GB. Fire up any browser and enjoy the YouTube free browsing bonus on all applications and anything that can access the internet.
    I understand that most us don't like midnight browsing, but if you have an important files to download, for the data not to waste you can dedicate few hours in the midnight to use up your daily free 2GB data with the method above.
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  2. horlar

    horlar Participant

    Nice tip thanks to loyalteams forum
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  3. Rheizhor

    Rheizhor Teams

    Please is it that with the#500 you'll be enjoying 2gb every nyt for 30 days?
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