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Official Uchetechs The Culprit Behind LTN Tweak Blockage As Well As The Recent MTN Tweak

Discussion in 'LTN ANNOUCEMENT' started by Jams, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. FoxFi

    FoxFi Guru

    I would like to make a contribution, even though I might be wrong or right. Not minding Uche, I still believe that this trick wouldn't have lasted that long, but for Uche, I don't know what to say
  2. Keldizzle

    Keldizzle Teams

    Sad Story... But you people give this Uche guy too much credit, you know?! I don't know him but after seeing this post, I'm sure a lot of people checked out his blog just like I did.

    Anyway, The said Uche might be an "Established" member on this forum. Hiding under a shady moniker. So, all the talk about putting cheats up for Established members only is foul.. The other thing is, I assure you Uche didn't need to post the loophole before MTN discovers the issue. I know exactly what I'm talking about cos my brother once worked for Spectranet and Swift.. And I remember when both Companies had a loophole and people were using Tweakware to surf unlimitedly, Swift was aware of the burgeoning use of data on their systems. I don't want to go into details but Experts were hired not just to block it but to also make sure it never happens again. And a lot of people( People I know personally) were also arrested and charged to court by swift. No jokes.

    So, You need to stop giving Uchetech something to talk about. How many visitors does he even have on his blog? Why are you losing sleep over him? I am 100% sure he's on this forum like everyone else and he's laughing his ass off reading this.

    Let me reiterate this.. ISPs are always aware of loopholes. They only act on it when it reaches critical(Or when they start getting complains from idiots, on twitter and the likes). Sadly MTN has blocked the cheat, even though I didn't get to use it, cos my sim wasn't eligible....... Hopefully another cheat sprouts soon.

    Enough with this Uche guy abeg.. He's a leech and he's feeding off this forum. Until you find his moniker on LTN, There's basically nothing you can do to stop him.
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  3. legendeazy

    legendeazy Participant Established

    this uche is just dumb
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  4. prophet

    prophet Anonymous Established

    @james dont let him spoll ur day it is well
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  5. Wyt

    Wyt Teams

    Well am a new member here and I always love tech and Internet related stuff and that's how I found myself exploring this blog. Have red everything and am short of word. God has created us different but some people are more of bug than theirself. God will reward your good deed @LTN
    I WONNA LEARN 08076878773
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2018
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  6. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    A tiff among tiffs,he still has d guts to sharp his mouth,castrated human being eating from hand to mouth like a fool from others work n struggle
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  7. trustdee

    trustdee Teams

    Such a Sad Long story : Hello , Am new here . Seem like a nice Forum to Join
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  8. Macho

    Macho Teams

    Guys don't mind him, @Jams this simply means that you are far better and ahead of him. May our good Lord raise you above all your enemies. Big up bro.
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  9. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Welcome on board bro, we hope you will enjoy your stay being part of the LTN Family.
  10. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Have learn to ignore him henceforth, thanks for your words of courage.
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  11. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Thanks for everyone who commented and I will surely take your advice into good use.

    Thanks a lot, your hightly is notice and appreciated.
    Henceforth, I will learn to ignore him.
  12. prophet

    prophet Anonymous Established

    pls guys how would I option out of Mtn xtral vaule bundle Auto renewal pls some should help me out
  13. prophet

    prophet Anonymous Established

    pls guys how would I option out of Mtn xtral vaule bundle Auto renewal pls some should help me out .i mean to stop the Auto renewal on Mtn xtral vaule bundle which means if u load #500 u will have #1950 with 100mb to stop their auto renewal
  14. Joespiceman

    Joespiceman Anonymous Established

    so sad...
    Don't really know him though but I have to say . Grow up uche
  15. yado19

    yado19 Teams

    Oga jams don't mind him you are above that Y is so so jealous about it just focus on your hard work i believe you will get another tweak very soon.
  16. rekeson

    rekeson Teams

    Na wa
  17. Hotspotinooo

    Hotspotinooo Wavy Established



    The Truth about a Jealous Blogger || JAMS | Always spreading propaganda about UCHETECHS

    It is high time you guys are educated about Jams | Post By UcheTechs.

    Greetings all, i am You must be registered to see links and i am here t clear my name concerning the propaganda's jams have been spreading about US.

    I don't know what his problem is or why he is always trying hard to bring me down | Believe me, he has the heart to KILL.

    I don't know him or his characters but i have a clue about him and this time, you all must know the truth about him and ME.


    I will make this short

    1. JAMS is jealous;

    I don't copy his tweaks, leak anything or steal from him. I am not like that. That's the truth.
    He can say anything to make me lose my followers | remove me from whatsapp groups he doesn't own, steal my members and brainwash them.

    He did all these and he still has more to do.

    2. JAMS steals our tweaks.

    My members and I usually discover new tweaks before it goes viral, then Jams takes it and share it fast before anyone else.
    When we finally do, he says we stole his cheat

    Here is a list of discovered cheats by UcheTechs which Jams stole
    • 51 vpn cheat
    • whatsvpn
    • yoga vpn
    • The Glo cheat he makes mouth with is actually the blocked glo default URL which many here knows how to tunnel
    • .... and many more!

    The Mtn smartapp.mtnnigeria.net was released on our Telegram Group before he stole it and posted it, He didn't share it with me

    I don't have his time now, these are the few things I have to say.............

    As a Computer Networking Analyst who is trained to prototype and develop such things, why copy from someone who has no Basic Knowledge of Such Things as Networking and Programming!

    It is time to stop being Brainwashed by his lies about us...



    I leave the rest for God to handle
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2018
    Jams likes this.
  19. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Lol, so you mean I am still lying with all the screenshot proof provided?

    I know you very well that you're just a spoil brat and kid with no manner at all and you don't really like to accept other view or you don't want people to realise your mistake.

    I personally won't delete this message and I am sure you have other account you're using to spy and leak any info related to tweaks.

    Hence, you said something which I find awkward and lay man thinking which shows that you're indeed a kid hidding behind his phone screen.

    Is a must a must I tell you I am into programming, hacking and all computer stuff or let me say it is what I am currenlty studying until you know more about me.

    I am sure my work here can tell you more.

    I won't delete this message of yours and I surely am not planning to delete it soon.

    And for your information, let me add this up.

    You can create all sort of fake ehi file for your members on your blog claiming guru or trying to be something you're not.

    How can you use mtn music bug and claiming it to be working for mtn night plan?
    who does that? I am sure some other might have sniff the config file but won't tell you the truth so stop acting like an immature spoil brat.

    And if you want proof for that or am still lying agains't you I can still upload it here. I simply don't know when will you change and embrace your mistake then learn from it.

    Last edited: Aug 8, 2018


    Lol, like I said, I don't have your time. I have proved my point and i wouldn't exchange words with you till you grow up kid.

    And for your information, the Music + config u said I used for night plan cheat was later corrected before 11:00 pm...

    I uploaded d correct config and my members are enjoying it;
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2018