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TopUp Africa Referral Bonus To be Reduced to N50 by October 30th

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by FoxFi, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. FoxFi

    FoxFi Guru Established

    Hey guys, I'm sure you are enjoying your free airtime via TopUp. For those that don't have any idea about this app, it's an Android App dishing out cool airtime/cash rewards to users who refer people to this app via an affiliate link. Although the main use of the App shouldn't be forgotten here. You can use TopUp Africa to Pay Electricity Bills, Cable subscriptions, transfer money to another account as well as airtime recharge and lots more. You can You must be registered to see links here

    Today in a message sent by the developers of the app, the referral bonus which was initially N100 was reduced to N70 earlier today (although not communicated) and will be reduced again to N50 as from 30th October 2017. According to TopUp Africa, this was to enable the airtime and cash rewards reach new users.

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    This rewards has been helpful to many, as many individuals have renewed their GoTv subscriptions and purchased internet bundles from the airtime/cash rewrad dished out to them by TopUp Africa. Below is what they disclosed as regards to the reduction

    Dear TopUp Africa agent, kindly note that from midnight of 30th October, 2017, the referral bonus will be reduced from N70 to N50. This is to ensure that the bonus gets to everyone. Thanks for understanding
    If you notice, some of the referral bonuses now move to the main balance which is really great because it can be easily cashed out to your bank within few minutes. For our newbies, you can follow the guide below to join TopUp Africa and get unlimited airtime and cash for free just using your Android device.

    1. Firstly, download the app from You must be registered to see links or the above link
    2. Now install the app and launch it
    3. You can now fill in your details (correct details)
    4. You will get these bonuses whenever you use any of their services. You also get rewards whenever you refer someone. Refer one person and get free airtime for any network/line which can also be sent straight to your bank account for withdrawal.

    Now let's discuss, how much have you earned from this app?
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