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Things Girls Do Unintentionally That Guys Find Totally Attractive!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Bartels, May 12, 2018.

  1. Bartels

    Bartels Addict Established

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    There is always a girl in every guy’s life who is driving him crazy by her unmatchable features. But there are a couple of things that all girls do unintentionally that make guys go crazy.
    We have no control over our feelings which is why our heart always convinces us to like someone we have no chance with. But life is all about hope. Never lose hope because you don’t know when life takes a turn and drives you to somewhere you didn’t imagine.
    Girls have this secret super-power by which they can unintentionally make guys fall in love with them just by one gaze. Also, guys are those stupid creatures who fall for everything their eyes find attractive. But we can’t deny that they’re not so good when it comes to accepting their feelings in front of girls they love.
    Well, that is why here is the list of things for all the ladies out there who don’t know what girls do unintentionally that make guys fall for them.
    1. Being comfortable with them, without really ‘dressing up’ or putting on makeup.
    View attachment 788
    That simplicity though!

    2. Their confidence level when they have to achieve something
    View attachment 789
    Damn gurl!

    3. Flicking their hair every now and then
    View attachment 790
    Nothing is hotter than seeing a girl play with her hair.

    4. Lip biting while they are turned on by something
    View attachment 791
    I’m done!

    5. Passing on a whiff of perfume as they pass by
    View attachment 792
    YAASS baby girl.

    6. Being independent and vulnerable
    View attachment 793
    Here comes the queen.

    7. But never letting that child inside them die
    View attachment 794
    Because life is too short to be boring.

    8. Their cute adorable smile when they look you in the eye
    View attachment 795
    It’s irresistible man!

    9. Understanding and respecting your feelings and point of view
    View attachment 796
    This is what makes her a woman and not a girl

    So? Were you able to relate? I’m sure you were. Because every girl does these cute yet attractive things. Also, guys if you find a girl attractive who does all these things unintentionally then you surely need to talk to her about your feelings. Because there is no other way you can get her and make her yours.

    View attachment 797
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