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These 10 Extremely Dangerous Things were So Normal In the Past

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Bartels, May 8, 2018.

  1. Bartels

    Bartels Addict Established

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    If you think the World is a crazy place now, get prepared to have your mind blown. Because the past was way crazier compared to the present we currently live in.
    Yes, no one could’ve imagined that Trump will end up leading the stronger country in the world.
    But that’s not as shocking as it seems since people often use emotion rather than logic to make important decisions.
    However, the word cocaine is directly associated with crime, ghettos, jails, and mafia these days. But it was totally legal 100 years ago, and people even used it as medicine to heal coughs and toothache.

    1 Sending kids through the mail
    View attachment 757

    The idea of sending kids through the mail is insane, but it was a reality at some point. Around the beginning of the 20th century, Americans had the option to send kids through the mail. But it wasn’t as bad as it seems. As you can notice by the picture below, the kids were sent through a…let’s say a decent and comfortable way. The whole idea of sending kids, people or even animals through mail sounds far from comfortable. But yes, people did send kids through the mail for the cost of 15 cents!

    2 Cocaine treatment
    View attachment 758

    Cocaine is now one of the most harmful drugs in the world. However, people didn’t treat cocaine as harmful substance around 100 years ago. Which means that people could easily buy cocaine in drugstores, and of course without a prescription. Cocaine was used to heal a toothache and coughs.

    3 Outdoor baby cages
    View attachment 759

    The best way to provide your kid with the necessary and daily fresh air is of course by building an outdoor baby cage. These cages were a common thing among British families in the 1930s. They might seem crazy now, but they were probably a much-needed family friendly innovation that people were looking forward to. While mothers were busy with household duties, their babies were locked in a cage so they could breathe fresh air.

    4 Radioactive toys
    View attachment 760

    In a time when smoking was considered healthy and even recommended by Doctors, radiation wasn’t even understood enough to be labeled as life threating emission of energy. But that’s not the shocking part at all. But the fact that you could’ve easily bought “atomic” toys as the mini-laboratory in the picture below is mind-blowing. These toys included real uranium and polonium in small quantities.

    5 Smoking during pregnancy
    View attachment 761

    And yes, we’re talking about human body parts. Just the idea of collecting body parts even from an animal is making us sick. Only insane people will treat the hobby of collection human body parts as something normal. But not so long ago, taking your enemy’s skull back home as a souvenir wasn’t weird. In the picture below, we can see an American sailor looking proud for collecting the skull of a Japanese soldier.

    7 Human zoos
    View attachment 762

    When we say a human zoo, we don’t mean a circus ordinated group that was supposed to entertain the crowd. But rather people, kids from Africa and Asia to show a proof of Darwin’s theory. This shameful part of our history was completely normal. The human zoo entertainment existed for many years. As you can see in the picture below, the crowd looks amused by the little boy. The picture was taken in 1958 at a Belgian human zoo.

    8 Doubtful treatment methods
    View attachment 763

    Technology and medicine wasn’t always a priority. Tests, laboratories, and sophisticated equipment weren’t available for Doctors back in the old days. Which means they had to experiment with strange and doubtful methods. Lots of operations had lethal outcomes. Tongue-cutting was a method used against stammering, and bloodletting as a remedy for almost all diseases. And we’re not talking about few amateur Doctors who just wanted to test their methods on people. But even successful Doctors of that time were open to doubtful methods who were extremely risky.

    9 Garden hermit
    View attachment 764

    It is super relaxing to have a beautiful garden at your house. Even gardening as a hobby is relaxing. You’re in touch with nature, your troubles are away and you can truly enjoy the calmness that Mother Nature offers. Let’s say you’re a multi-millionaire, the only advantage that you’ll have is more space and maybe a personal gardener. But live decoration is not an option. Rich people in the past were obsessed with having a personal hermit. But what is a personal hermit? Well, a personal hermit is a person who lives in your garden.
    Someone who’s not allowed to leave the garden, wash or cut their nails and hair. Personal hermits lived in a handmade grotto, and their owners loved to show off in front of visitors.

    10 Mental hospital as a source for entertainment
    View attachment 765

    Even today, mentally ill people are still being discriminate to a certain degree. But at least patients of psychiatric hospitals are treated as they should be. However, they were once a source of entertainment. Hospital staff rarely fed them, and willing visitors were allowed to pay a certain sum of money just to poke them with a stick. We’re all glad this shameful act is over and it will never be repeated again.

    View attachment 766
    Sunday, May 6, 2018
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