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The latest "MTN 0.0K & Mpulse Config File" ISN'T WORKING ANYMORE. Anyone else experienced this?

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by Chioma Eluwa, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Chioma Eluwa

    Chioma Eluwa Teams

    It worked just fine early in the morning, then around 10am, it disconnected. Cleared cache, cleared data, force stopped, cleared config settings and re-imported the file, yet nothing worked. I even created an SSH account, and input my ssh details using an open ssh config file I saw here, just Couldn't get the dang thing to work!
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  3. Baddo

    Baddo Teams

    Anyone with idea.. My http injector working early in the morning
  4. whillzy

    whillzy Teams

    It happened to me earlier today but mine's still working. I just kept trying mine until it got connected
    Chioma Eluwa likes this.
  5. Pauldewise

    Pauldewise Teams

    Change sim card
  6. Sah Alex

    Sah Alex Participant Established

    it is still working. the issue here is that it is capped at 50mb
  7. Chioma Eluwa

    Chioma Eluwa Teams

    Lol! 50mb is hardly anything, is it? Thanks though.
    Sah Alex likes this.
  8. giftgoke

    giftgoke Journeyman Established

    Not all sim some are caped 5gig, unlimited mine is still 5gig a day, depend on your sim
    Sah Alex likes this.
  9. Beldagba

    Beldagba Teams

    5gig a day? wow! what kind of sim is that?
  10. I think it has stopped working completely. I even tried using all the other apks ie Eproxy, Http, kpn. All are not working
  11. prophet

    prophet Anonymous Established

    is not working any more
  12. giftgoke

    giftgoke Journeyman Established

    Who told you, working live from the heart beat of Delta state warri
  13. giftgoke

    giftgoke Journeyman Established

  14. giftgoke

    giftgoke Journeyman Established

    Those that are complaining is not working on their sim or sim caped is not upto 1gig, just send reset or data on to 131 load 100naira and start flexing
  15. mileswizer

    mileswizer Teams

    Works for me kpn
  16. Iyke121

    Iyke121 Teams

    Pls give me ur configuration file
  17. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

  18. giftgoke

    giftgoke Journeyman Established

    Not only kpn spark and injector
  19. Nifemi

    Nifemi Teams

    Please put me through. Mine's not working too. Please chat me on WhatsApp 08168157721 I take God beg u
  20. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Guru Established

    Not working
  21. Danielgod

    Danielgod Teams

    Not qoworki for me either