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Discussion in 'LTN FEEDBACK' started by Prime, Sep 27, 2017.



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  1. Kinshi

    Kinshi Teams

    How do I get established?
  2. Kinshi

    Kinshi Teams

    And what is glaive?
  3. Dre

    Dre Enthusiast Established

    I also have interest in knowing most of this chieftaincy title

    Like...Participant, Wavy, Glaive , Journeyman etc .
    Prime and Kinshi like this.
  4. mike edos

    mike edos Teams

    Hello @admin you guys are doing a good job I have been here for a while observing ,benefiting but contributing less.i believe the purpose of setting up this furum is Empower member .so I will suggest that more emphasis should be directed at teaching and not only giving out fbt, believe me some members here are eager to lean and make their own positive contribution, like the popular saying give a man a fish you have help me for that day but teach a man how to fish you have empowered him for life.. This is my own observation,you guys are doing well I see prospect in this forum.
    Prime likes this.
  5. achiles

    achiles Teams

  6. It will be hypocritical for me to always benefit from your generosity without praying for God's continued guidance to you. Thank you once again
  7. isahbadoo36

    isahbadoo36 Teams

    U guys are doing great but etisalat cheat plz
  8. Realsam

    Realsam Teams

    This platform is the best! Where Every info are genuine.
  9. Sodeeq

    Sodeeq Teams

    Thanks for all of you
  10. okeke

    okeke Teams

    Thanks for all the good work. But I don't know how to start a new thread here
  11. Isaolamide

    Isaolamide Teams

    Amazing but sometimes you post some useful info that only premium members would be able to view. Please make it general to all registered members.
    The group is amazing..
    Also I need mtn 0.0pulse free browsing because the one I'm using stops at 50mb instead of 1gig
  12. Deking398

    Deking398 Teams

    U guys are really good
    God bless loyal teams
    Prime likes this.
  13. agbaje sunday

    agbaje sunday Participant Established

    Very and very good
  14. Boneless

    Boneless Teams

    Am new here.
    Prime likes this.
  15. Armidris

    Armidris Teams

    @Prime actually stole my name lol.. No wonder as I was trying to register, the site data validator said "Prime" is already taken I have to resort to another user name... Anyway you guys are doing a good job. Keep it up
    Prime likes this.
  16. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Guru Established

  17. It's really been a long way
  18. Prime

    Prime Glaive Staff Member Glaive Established

    No vex @Armidris na 1st come first serve
  19. Prime

    Prime Glaive Staff Member Glaive Established

    welcome bro
  20. Prime

    Prime Glaive Staff Member Glaive Established

    Thats very simple thanks to the head admin for that innovation just go to the homepage just before the threads you would see a button displaying "post new thread" click on it and that's all