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Discussion in 'LTN FEEDBACK' started by Prime, Sep 27, 2017.



  1. GOOD

  2. BAD

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  3. FAIR


  1. Finepen

    Finepen Teams

    it has always be my best site, though i have not been chance to visit for pretty long time, but am glad that its still doing its go work and even more great and better, keep it it up LTN
  2. yado19

    yado19 Teams

    L T N is one of the best fb forum i have ever seen keep it up
    Jams likes this.
  3. crowther

    crowther Teams

  4. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Thanks buddy emoji_thumbsup
  5. This is the best forum that I have seen that are open minded.. Continue your good works pros... I'm your loyal fan
  6. Bashiiir

    Bashiiir Teams

    Good morning Greats LTN. I wish to join the whatsapp group 08162075591. I'm new here long live LTN
  7. Saahaabii

    Saahaabii Teams

    All I can say is that ur far more than the other fbts website.... Thumbs up to u all d admins n d gurus in d hoods..
    How can some1 become an established member??
  8. horlawarle

    horlawarle Teams

    best site ever thanks to all LTN GROUP
  9. Anderson

    Anderson Teams

    Nice job

    Great job so far, and always mindful of what the membership wants and think which is my reason to say this is the best platform
  10. pat effiong

    pat effiong Teams

    U guys are going places @Jams weldon
  11. El.Patron

    El.Patron Teams

    Loyal team is d best. I remain loyal
  12. Abdul44

    Abdul44 Anonymous Established

    The best
  13. Pely

    Pely Teams

    Though am new around here
    But so far I like the platform and I'll try my best to support other members. I also thank the Admins for their earnest effort and researchs
    Great job so far!
  14. Johntee1

    Johntee1 Teams

    Thanks to oga jams &co and aluko all so long life ltn
  15. Korede01

    Korede01 Teams

    Its the best ever
  16. Bencom

    Bencom Teams

    The best so far. No fake
  17. So glad to meet you guys am log in hear keep it up
  18. Ibrahimawa

    Ibrahimawa Teams

    Good work all the best
  19. awesome1996

    awesome1996 Teams

    as much as i love this site and all it has posted on its telegram page, i searched, found and joined the platform because i was in dire need of a solution to use mpulse on pc. i signed up but now i cant even view the page cause i just joined . waow . for me thats not cool.
  20. awesome1996

    awesome1996 Teams

    pls is there a solution for that