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The Advantages and Disadvantages of using URL shortners

Discussion in 'SEO[Search Engine Optimisation]' started by FoxFi, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. FoxFi

    FoxFi Guru Established

    There are a number of uses for URL shorteners, some less upstanding than others, but I had begun to wonder what drew people to those services that are the most popular. Undeniably, TinyURL is the most visible URL shortener, used extensively in social media, but it seems to derive its
    popularity mainly from being one of the oldest services in the niche.
    As is usually the case when something becomes popular, dozens of enterprising young things jumped aboard the URL shortening bandwagon and we now have a large inventory of sites with silly names from which to choose. You would think that members of the SEO community, as link-happy as we are, could pick through the offerings and choose the best sites when we need to shorten a URL. So, do we?
    Here is a quick explanation of why URL shorteners exist, if you're not entirely sure: this is an ugly, long, unseemly URL:

    You must be registered to see links

    But what are the pros and cons of the available shortening services? Most of the time when I see people sharing links via shortened URLs, they use TinyURL without really thinking, even though it is rarely the best option
    Here are some advantages of shortening URLs.

    1. Some email clients will break it up by line and a user--especially a technically-unsavvy one--could have trouble actually accessing it. My really unsavvy friends will be scared of it. My dad might think it was a virus.
    2. Social networking / "microblogging" sites like Twitter and Plurk only allow 140 characters per message, so a user could never include this map's URL, as it is 184 characters long. As I pseudo-mentioned above, people also use these sites to disguise affiliate links. Several times a year, but most notably on the first of April, hiding links to videos of Rick Astley also becomes popular. Just a note: the most popular Rick Roll video has quite a distinctive URL: it ends in "uuiU" so you may want to shorten that one next time you prank somebody because more and more people are starting to recognise it. Anyway.
    3. URL abbreviation apps like You must be registered to see links and our personal favorite, You must be registered to see links, provide extensive tracking data on your links. Understanding the number of link clicks and gaining insights on the people who click them will You must be registered to see links in the future. Therefore, they help you track your data.
    4. They don't hurt your SEO[Search Engine Optimization].
    5. If you feel so inclined, you can use shortening services, such as You must be registered to see links, to create custom URLs, known as vanity URLs, which are related to your You must be registered to see links.
      For example, the New York Times uses “nyti.ms” in the articles they share on social media. When you click on a link that contains “nyti.ms,” you know you’ll be directed to the New York Times website.

      The disadvantages of shortening URLs.
      1. Link shorteners give spammers a way to disguise their links, drawing people to bogus websites filled with tabloid news and even computer viruses. People have caught onto this, and as a result, some cite shortened links as red flags of spam.
      2. In September 2016, Twitter stopped counting videos, images and links in the 140 character tweet limit. Businesses that employ link shorteners only for the sake of easily tweeting their content no longer need to use them.
      3. Some people contend that most social media sites on which you’d normally share condensed links offer enough analytics, making the data provided by shortening services unnecessary.
        While you can certainly get some solid data directly from most social networks, the Fat Guy mentality dictates that more is always better. Combining the stats from Twitter Analytics and HubSpot gives you much more data to work with than just Twitter alone. So this point falls short, though it’s not necessarily wrong.
        Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose whether or not a URL shortener is right for your business’ marketing plan. At Fat Guy Media, we prefer using HubSpot because of how convenient and user-friendly it is. Whatever your preference, we hope this blog helps you make an informed decision!

    My moral to all these great little stories is that it is worthwhile putting some thought into which URL shorteners are best for which situations. There are benefits and downsides to most of them, but there is likely a service that will do what is needed at any given time.
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  2. crazymasterpogi

    crazymasterpogi Wavy Established

    another fact for shortening url is to avoid facebook sheriff malicious scanning that can cause shutting down your fb acc. without prior notice!! ()(-)
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  3. josephkelly

    josephkelly Teams

    The disadvantages of shortening the length of URL are more as compared to the advantages.Starting doing SEO from the basic level likeYou must be registered to see links could help a person understand it better and then it doesn't seem to a person that the length of URL is an issue at all.
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