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Techniques Use By Google Founders In Their Recent Job Interview

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by Jams, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Jams

    Jams LTN-Certified Staff Member Support Team Established

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    We all know Google has one of the biggest company in the world and one the lucrative business worldwide with a wide range of workers all around the globe.

    And who wouldn't want to have an opportunity to work with Google, but that sound good and it require a lot of determination and preparation in order to just have a seat there.

    Well, every job has an interview sector as a primary tool required for a worker to just have job. And each interview has some sophisticated questions and answers that catch the heart of many job seekers that they have to prepare ahead on their day ahead of their interview.

    However Google has theirs and if you happen to seek job from the tech giant, you will quite agree with me that they always ask rare questions to candidates.

    Eventually, Tirm Armstrong, a former Google executive and current CEO of AOL, unveiled a technique that engaged Sergey Brin and Larry page in their job interviews and does not involve asking extraneous questions. Rather, they did not ask questions at all.

    According to Armstrong, in his own interview, the renowned businessman told they interviewer that Google were not very clear what to ask him, telling him that he should interview himself.

    So the asked was that 'what questions would you ask if you were the candidate' was the question asked.

    So, Armstrong discovered that he was not the only subject to self interview in front of Brin and Larry Page. The founders routinely used this method to meet the require candidate for the job interview.

    So I hope those analysis will help you to at leat have a chance to secure a job from the tech giant company if you're planning to in the nearest future.
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