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Cracked Smadav Pro 2018 Free Download

Discussion in 'Pc Software Collection' started by Aluko, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. Aluko

    Aluko Guru Staff Member Support Team Established

    Smadav Pro 2018 is a very handy and simple security software application that will provide you with the real time antivirus protection and it will make sure that you computer is safe all the time. This application is used as a sidekick for the existing anitivirus solution but it can also be used as primary software.
    Loading smadav_cover.jpg…
    Smadav Pro 2018 can detect even the most popular test file on the Internet if you select to scan it and does not interfere when you are downloading it. The main aim of Smadav Pro 2018 is to create a much stronger protection plan from threats by adding USB and helmet for the offline detection. This application has not been received well by the people as it does not feel like a great experience both visually and functionally. It has very poor quality written all over it and it takes very little time that the user start irritating.

    Required system
    Software Requirements:

    Microsoft® Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).
    Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later.
    Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 or newer.

    Hardware Requirements:
    800MHZ CPU or faster.
    256MB of RAM (512MB or more recommended).
    20MB free hard disk space.
    800x600 or greater screen resolution.
    Active internet connection for database and product updates.

    Installation guide
    Before Installing Software You Must Watch This Installation Guide Video

    File information
    • File size: 1.7 MB
    • Software Full Name: Smadav Pro 2018
    • Setup File Name:
    Download link
    [​IMG] You must be registered to see links


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  3. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    Nice but i need crack username and password for complete activation thanks
  4. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    Oh seen it nice[ooooo]
    Ematech likes this.
  5. Ematech

    Ematech Teams

    I also need cracked username nd password
  6. Dre

    Dre Enthusiast Established

    Weldone... [ooooo]
    Aluko likes this.
  7. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    Is in the zip file
  8. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    The keygen.exe was giving me headache didn't want to patch so I used this

    Name: Titus Mukisa 15
    Key: 085200704879

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  9. Aluko

    Aluko Guru Staff Member Support Team Established

    That's good bro
    DONpromise likes this.
  10. Ematech

    Ematech Teams

    Should I on data b4 activation
  11. Ematech

    Ematech Teams

    Thanks bro let me try
  12. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    Turn off your data or wifi
  13. lexydu

    lexydu Teams

    Unable to download pls send d link
    Aluko likes this.
  14. Aluko

    Aluko Guru Staff Member Support Team Established

    Whats the response?
  15. Aluko

    Aluko Guru Staff Member Support Team Established

    Loading LINK.JPG…
  16. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Guru Established

  17. cyberhero

    cyberhero Teams

    Good job, well-done
  18. Ematech

    Ematech Teams

    Am grateful bro...... Nd to dis forum.... God bless u all
  19. Ematech

    Ematech Teams

    Donpromise plz how can I join dis forum on telegram
  20. Ematech

    Ematech Teams

    Have tried using their link but it not taking me there....
    Aluko likes this.
  21. Aluko

    Aluko Guru Staff Member Support Team Established