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Orange Psiphon Free Internet For Ivory Coast Users

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by Azeeztech, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Azeeztech

    Azeeztech Leecher

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    The free Internet tricks keeps rolling in, and this time is for Orange users in the Cote d'ivoire region. This free Internet trick works on a direct configuration settings, it doesn't require any subscription for it to jump start.


    We will b making use of Psiphon VPN for this trick because it is a very popular tunneling app that is available on Android, iOS and Windows. Other tunneling or handler apps can also be used for this free Internet trick.

    The settings are straight forward and direct. No unnecessary downloads or booster apps needed. Mind you, this trick was confirmed working as at the time of this post. Kindly drop your queries to any issue that you might have encounter during the setup, though i doubt you will come across any.

    Click here to join our Telegram channel for more free Internet trick updates.

    Requirements :

    1. An Orange Ivory Coast sim card with zero data and
    call credit
    2. An Android device, iOS or PC
    3. Your Psiphon VPN or any tunneling app of your
    choice (Find link below)
    4. The configuration settings

    1. Ensure to use your default Access Point settings.
    2. Click You must be registered to see links to download Psiphon or any tunneler app
    of your choice.
    3. Install the app and then open
    4. Go to Options, and then click on More Options.
    5. Now configure as instructed below:
    Connect through an HTTP Proxy: Tick
    Use the following settings: Tick it
    Host Address: Click You must be registered to see links for host
    Port: 80
    6. Return back and connect, and enjoy free Internet
    access on the Telenor network
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