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Hot Open SSH Config Files For MTN 0.0kb and mPulse Data via HTTP Injector, KPNTunnel Rev, Spark VPN & ep

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by DONpromise, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    Input ur SSH account details correctly because it is case sensitive meaning loyalteamssh-Ltn is different from loyalteamssh-ltn i.e P & p are not desame to ur VPN
  2. Bangiz13

    Bangiz13 Teams

  3. Abcdefgh

    Abcdefgh Teams

    sir is it unlimited browsing daily or 1g per day
  4. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    1gb bro
  5. Ash Yoshi

    Ash Yoshi Teams

    It works! Thank you!!
    DONpromise likes this.
  6. Trixgriin

    Trixgriin Teams

    pls i don't understand.im not really a computer literate.screen shoot d steps pls
  7. Trixgriin

    Trixgriin Teams

    Pls help this is wat i did and I don't even know wats up with it..wat do I do bcus also on my injector d ssh settings re locked.

  8. Trixgriin

    Trixgriin Teams

    How did u do URS..bro tell me oo
  9. Ash Yoshi

    Ash Yoshi Teams

    Download any of the Config files he uploaded (depending on your VPN). Now visit fastssh.com or any other SSH site, choose any of the SERVERS, follow the instructions, scroll down and create an account (username and password) that would be linked to the server you have selected, click continue and the account is created. U will see the details as u have entered them. Now IMPORT the Config file u downloaded, click settings and add your SSH SERVER, SSH USERNAME and SSH PASSWORD, save and CONNECT! Hope this helps
    DONpromise likes this.
  10. Pls what is the best site to create ssh account?
  11. Abcdefgh

    Abcdefgh Teams

    When I mark the ssh box it doesn't mark it keep rejecting anything else i can do

  12. dogud

    dogud Guru Established

  13. How do i download the eproxy app, spark app and kpn tunnel app
  14. lexydu

    lexydu Teams

    If u r using d updated injector,i ll advice u to go n create ur account in sshkits.net. after dat enta ur detail in ssh settings.it ll connect 1 time
    Faruq12 and DONpromise like this.
  15. Eze1

    Eze1 Teams

    Bros how far how can I activate my HTTP now
  16. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

    Am back...
  17. Lyecan

    Lyecan Participant

    Please, does anyone has the config that support Wifi connection?!
    Most configs are locked to mobile data and my modem is the fastest.
  18. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    Don't. Tick that bro leave it like dat unchecked ok.... Sorry for the delay in answering bro
  19. david sani

    david sani Teams

    Dis is good
  20. Faruq12

    Faruq12 Teams

    Thanks bro am grateful.