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My Top 3 Best AntiVirus software

Discussion in 'Mobile Network & Free Browsing Cracking Question' started by hureira, May 11, 2018.

  1. hureira

    hureira Wavy Established

    In a world where most consider Privacy as a myth, it’s easy
    enough to say that Absolute Security is a myth too! As we find
    solutions to fix today’s issues, hacker / malware creator at the
    other side will have another one for tomorrow — simple as
    that. Thus, as a user who wants to keep her or his data intact
    and secure, it’s a necessity to use an antivirus software in your
    device; antivirus that can offer you up-to-date protection from
    ever-growing kind of security threats out there. Unlike the Mac
    scenario, where the code is far more secure and exclusive,
    Windows is vulnerable to threats and it is more or less rubbish
    if you don’t take precautions. In this article, we’ll have a list of
    top 10 antivirus software for Windows — shall we start?

    1. AVG Internet Security
    AVG has been offering antivirus software for a while, and its
    latest AVG Internet Security is a good-to-go deal when it comes
    to protection from both viruses and privacy threats. With a
    simple, less-resource-consuming UI on top, AVG is powerful
    enough to act as an antivirus tool, anti-malware, anti-rootkit
    and more. There are also some security-based features like
    Protective Cloud Technology and AVG LinkScanner Surf-Shield
    that protects you from accessing illegal or dangerous sites.
    Apart from the Windows firewall, there will be an AVG
    Firewall for extra protection. When it comes to its Privacy
    protection section, features are going to really help you. For
    instance, File Shredder lets you delete files in an untraceable
    way whereas Data Safe can be used to store confidential and
    ultra-secret data. In addition, there is AVG Identity Protection
    and Wi-Fi Guard too.
    So, if you need an antivirus software with additional privacy
    protection, you may go with AVG Internet Security! It’s a
    premium tool, which costs $54.99 for 1 year subscription.
    Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7,
    Windows 8, Windows 8.1
    Visit Website

    2. BitDefender Total Security 2015
    When you need a combination of antivirus protection and
    privacy protection, BitDefender Total Security 2015 is one
    superb tool to depend upon, especially if you prefer a
    seemingly-silent software. In addition to install-and-forget set
    up, BitDefender Total Security offers features, such as Smart
    Profiles — which does detect working environment and
    chooses appropriate settings — and one-click System Tune-up.
    It’s to be noted that BitDefender Total Security 2015 prioritizes
    If we consider the case of your online world, there is Social
    Networking Protection and Fraud Warnings whereas the
    further privacy-oriented features of the software include
    BitDefender Wallet that helps you fill in payment credentials
    in an extremely secure manner, Parental Control that helps you
    keep boundaries, File Shredder for untraceable deletion of
    files, Personal Data Filter etc. Also, you get 2 GB of backup
    storage space.
    Thus, when your preference is to have an install-and-forget
    antivirus software and privacy protector for your PC, you can
    go with BitDefender Total Security 2015, which is available for
    $89.95 per year.
    Compatibility: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7
    SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1;
    Visit website

    3. Avast Premier
    avast - Best antivirus for
    You’ll be familiar with Avast as one of the best free antivirus
    software out there, but Avast Premier is a nice choice when
    you need advanced protection at a reasonable price. Avast
    Premier offers features that might be useful for a common user
    as well as a security-conscious one. Even while keeping the
    lower resource consumption and relatively lower system
    requirements intact, Avast Premier brings professional-level
    security. Of course, Avast Premier has given importance to
    online world.
    There is an extra firewall that keeps your information
    confidential when you have connected to a network. Also, you
    can use the SafeZone feature to process online transactions
    with enhanced security. Also, the networking-based features of
    Avast Premier — such as Home-network scanning, protection
    from DNS hijacking, top-level email support etc — are
    impressive. Also, there is an option to run an application in
    sandbox if you are not sure about authenticity of a particular
    Altogether, for what you pay — $49.99 per year —, Avast
    Premier is indeed a superb antivirus software, with superb
    network-protection-oriented features.
    Compatibility: Windows XP with SP2, Windows Vista, 7, 8, and
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