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My Online Money Making Venture with Claritta Also with proof of payment

Discussion in 'Online Money Making Tips' started by Jams, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Jams

    Jams Glaive Glaive Established

    Hello guys, have ever heard of claritta or you're still finding feeling reluctant to make money with the site?

    But don't worry cause everething will be explained to you right here in this post.

    This ponzy scheme was posted by @schoolhelp in loyalteams.com and then i decided to try it out but fortunate for me is that the system is real and paying so consider this post as an update of what was posted by @schoolhelp

    I can say that claritta is among the best for students and , affordable, and considerable price with fast paring of members to donate and receive within 7days. Unless you really don't want to upgrade your account.

    Claritta has really proved us that they can do nore and more and cause they recently made some changes like upgrading their hosting package as well as their domain name extensions has been changed e from claritta.com to claritta.net.

    Now all you need to know about the ponzy scheme called Claritta and how to make money out of it

    Claritta is a Member-to-Member Donation and Referral Platform. You donate N1,500 to a Fellow Claritta Member, and in 7 days time you'll be matched with 4 Claritta Members who will donate N1,500 each to you.

    How claritta works

    *Become a Claritta member by registering on the Claritta website.

    *You (together with 2 other Claritta members) will be automatically matched with an existing Claritta member.

    *You donate N1,500 to that member you've been matched with, and your Claritta account will be instantly activated, and you'll be able to refer people to Claritta.

    *You can make up to 3 donations at the same time, and for each N1,500 donation you make, Claritta matches you in 1 week's time with 4 members who donate N1,500 each to you. If you make 2 donations (of N1,500 each), then in 7 days time you'll get matched with 8 people who will pay you N1,500 each (making N15,000 in total). Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time. Donate N1,500 twice, get N12,000 in 7 days time. Donate N1,500 three times, get N18,000 in 7 days time.

    But That's Not All

    *Whenever you refer a new member to Claritta, and that person you refer joins and donates N1,500, you'll be immediately matched in 3 days time with 3 Claritta members who will each donate N1,500 to you. If you refer 1 new member, you get matched to receive N4,500 in 3 days time, and if you refer 2 new members, you get matched to receive N9,000 in 3 days time. So if you're a Claritta Member, and you refer just 4 people a week, you earn N18,000 every week (which is N72,000 a month). And if you can refer 6 people a week as a Claritta Member, you earn N27,000 every week (N108,000 a month).

    And here goes my alert proof of Claritta and I hope you joined too cause it is never to late to join as the system is paring quickly for both donations and payment.

    View attachment 81
    [url:'You must be registered to see links]Join Now through my affiliate link[/url]
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  2. ramzy

    ramzy Glaive Glaive

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