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Cracked MTN 0.0k Unlimimted Free Browsing With eProxy Vpn

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by greyxl, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. it's working but it's very slow
  2. pat effiong

    pat effiong Teams

    Also connecting to mpulse mb too,thanksss
  3. Zuriel

    Zuriel Teams

    Its this for NIGERIA only pls
  4. micosal

    micosal Teams

    My download folder is already in internal phone storage.
  5. Rheizhor

    Rheizhor Teams

    Testing mode...nice one
  6. Xexi Adson

    Xexi Adson Anonymous Established

  7. Dieterici

    Dieterici Teams

    Please, we would appreciate the config for HTTP iNJ too
  8. Dieterici

    Dieterici Teams

    Please, we would appreciate the config for HTTP iNJ too
  9. Tamara

    Tamara Teams

    Thanks guys... Good job
  10. Ajboi4u

    Ajboi4u Teams

    You are too much bro. But the problem am having is that all my vpn are connected but is not power all my app limited to WhatsApp and telegram other app are not working pls help me out
  11. runor

    runor Anonymous Established

  12. Jimmyblaze6

    Jimmyblaze6 Teams

    connected but didn't power my apps nothing worked
  13. vintoby

    vintoby Teams Established

    @Jams and cos pls can you kindly make Mtn unlimited config file for kpn
  14. Lteams137

    Lteams137 Teams

    Wow. Working like flash..
  15. Tyki_Mikk

    Tyki_Mikk Participant Established

    Don't expect it sir.
  16. olushola olumide

    olushola olumide Participant Established

    thanks for this
  17. Topsonray

    Topsonray Teams

    God blessed you guys , I had to come back to thank you
  18. mideboy

    mideboy Teams

    p/s having issue on how 2 import on dis app
  19. seunseyi

    seunseyi Participant

    thanks bro you the best
  20. Energy JR

    Energy JR Teams

    Please can't import the file help with the procedure