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MTN 0.0k Free Browsing Stopped.

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by IamNat, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    Did you tick activate ssh?
    and which did you download?
    DONpromise and Kellywiz like this.
  2. dogud

    dogud Guru Established

    working bro
    DONpromise likes this.
  3. Kellywiz

    Kellywiz Teams

    I didn't tick it......
  4. DONpromise

    DONpromise Journeyman Established

    I don't think that is the configuration file I uploaded download the one I uploaded and try again it will be open
  5. Lol
  6. Trixgriin

    Trixgriin Teams

  7. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    Tick it
  8. okeke

    okeke Teams

    my mtn 0,0k free browsing stopped tonight too. Anyone else having the same issues?
  9. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    you mean this morning right?
  10. Kelly Esosa

    Kelly Esosa Teams

    Same here, mine stopped by 1.30 this morning, tried putting off my data but it won't just connect again
  11. Karly_yk

    Karly_yk Teams

    Me too ooo, I think mtn cheat is a go
  12. Paul_Inz

    Paul_Inz Journeyman Established

    Guys, the mtn not working again? Mine stopped today
  13. Eze1

    Eze1 Teams

    I swear the cheat Don Go oooo
  14. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    switch to mpulse