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Latest Patch to Fifa 19 Gamepad Fixed (By LTN)

Discussion in 'PC Games Warez' started by Jams, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Jams

    Jams LTN-Certified Staff Member Support Team Established

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    Xup everyone, if you are playing fifa 19 on your pc and you're somehow finding it difficult to setup the gamepad controller, then congratulate yourself to have stumble upon this thread of mine cause I will be providing you guys with my latest patch setting to fix the set up or if your pad - up and down are inversly working.

    Like I said before, everything has been configured by me, you only need to some copy and paste and voila you're good to rock your fifa 2019 without any gamepad issue.

    But remember I also made a thread to guide on setting this up on your own but consider this as an alternative or rather an update to the previous posted here Fix To Fifa 19 PC Gamepad Controller Not Working (up and down control) | Loyalteams

    So without further ado, let go straight to the point.

    • Download this Rar file
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    • Then extract it to your prefered location e.g mine was extracted to my desktop

    • Just copy all the file as illustrated in the screenshot below;
    fifa 19 latest path.png

    • Then kindly paste it within your fifa 19 game directory;
    Paste file fifa 19.png

    Just go ahead and plug your gamepad and you're good to go:emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_nerd:. Hit the like button and feedback if you find this useful.
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