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Hot Latest Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing and Downloads

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by Lukastech Blog, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Lukastech Blog

    Lukastech Blog Journeyman Established

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    Reports had it that through out yesterday, Ntel SIMs all over Nigeria has been browsing and downloading for free – even without active data.
    A lot of people has also confirmed theirs to be working, and interestingly, there is no special code or VPN settings for this.
    This unlimited browsing started after the downtime on the Ntel network which lasted for 48 hours.
    They later fixed the issue, then sent out `sorry for the inconvenienceʼ text messages to customer. But even after that, data network started connecting for free since yesterday up till now.

    Some users reported to have used over 20GB worth of data to browse, stream and download – and still counting, without paying a dime.
    This is a serious technical glitch, but to enjoy it while it last, simply Insert your SIM into your mifi, modem or mobile and start browsing . If not, go and buy the SIM now at any You must be registered to see links office for just N1000.

    Kindly share and tell us how it went.

    SOurce: You must be registered to see links
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  2. Jude obi

    Jude obi Anonymous Established

    It has stopped working.
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