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Jamb change of course is now available

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by Prime, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Prime

    Prime Glaive Staff Member Glaive Established

    The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) have enabled the portal for JAMB 2018 Change of Course/Institution Form. This process is to enable candidates’ effect the needed changes in their earlier selected course and/or institution.

    This is to inform all the candidates who made mistakes while filling their forms during the 2018 UTME Registration that they can now make corrections for the following categories:

    Correction of Name
    State/LGA of Origin
    Choices of Institution/Courses and
    Date Of Birth
    NB: Changes for Course/Institution, Names, Date of Birth, Gender, State/LGA of Origin are N2,500 (two thousand five hundred naira only).

    JAMB Change of Course & Institution / Data Correction Procedure.
    As from 2018, candidates can no longer correct their data by themselves. Candidates will have to visit any JAMB registration centre closer to them to change their course, institution and other data.

    Only candidates from 2017 and years below can follow the procedure outlined below to change their data on JAMB portal.

    Go to JAMB portal at You must be registered to see links
    Login with your Email and Password.
    Click on ‘Application for Correction of Data’ from the list of services on the left side.
    Form the drop down, select the one you wish to correct i.e. Course/Institution, Names, Date of Birth, Gender, State/LGA of Origin .
    The window for correction UTME subjects combination is currently available.

    Before you head out to check if this process has started at an accredited CBT Centre around you, please ensure the following;

    - That you know exactly the Changes of Course/Institution you would like to make changes to.

    - Please ensure you do your research to ensure that the school you are changing to does not usually cut-off higher than your score.

    - That you can change one or all your courses/institutions at the same time.

    - That once the form is submitted, you can no longer make any changes again (or else the system has changed)

    - That you select a Course/Institution that aligns with your subject combination. If you don't do this, your school will screen you out. Please use the Online JAMB Brochure to verify.

    - There may be a limited number of schools or courses you can change to, so be sure to have 3 or 4 options, just in case the one you want to change to is not available.

    - You could be charged about N2,500 to effect this change.

    - Please use the Online JAMB Brochure to ensure the course you are choosing is done in your choice institution.

    If you are going for this service, please use the comment section to let us know how the process is going on at your centre.

    Deadline: Not Yet Specified.
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