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If Your Airtel Cheat Not working Enter Here

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by Damen, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Damen

    Damen Teams

    Here is the solution make sure you add this to ur handler settings.
    Loading Screenshot_20180820-092437.png…
    Front Query: mini5-7.opera-mini.net@

    Tick Remove Port

    Real Proxy


    Save it and go-to settings advance then enter protocol chose http
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
    olu and Jams like this.
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  3. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Nice one, thanks for sharing()(-)
  4. prophet

    prophet Anonymous Established

    is good to be here thanks
  5. freeman247

    freeman247 Wavy Established

    it capped,shit
  6. Joespiceman

    Joespiceman Anonymous Established

    thanks buddy
  7. Joespiceman

    Joespiceman Anonymous Established

    Nice one
  8. Damen

    Damen Teams

    you are welcome
  9. olushola olumide

    olushola olumide Participant Established

  10. runor

    runor Anonymous Established

  11. sal

    sal Enthusiast Established

    Welldone bro keep it up[ooooo]
  12. prophet

    prophet Anonymous Established

    my stop working yesterday, after I have used my 100% of my data but this morning I test it and now working.....
  13. Schimmer

    Schimmer Wavy Established

  14. Jose_uz

    Jose_uz Teams

    Airtel Hspa sign doesn't show on my phone.. I've tried apn settings still not showing.
  15. Rolex1440

    Rolex1440 Journeyman Established

    What about H or E? Or is just the 3.5G network (H+) that you don't have?
  16. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Anonymous Established

    dats good
  17. Jose_uz

    Jose_uz Teams

    All of the network signs of Airtel cnt show. Although is showing in other phones.
    PS : all the network data connection sign is showing in my phone except Airtel
  18. Damen

    Damen Teams

    Maybe ur airtel is been blocked from connecting to internet.. report to there customer care service on twitter @airtel_care to diagnose the problem
  19. Soloshow

    Soloshow Enthusiast Established

    how can one make use of it on pc...?{=}
  20. Soloshow

    Soloshow Enthusiast Established

    it suppose to be tweak to work on pc...
  21. Schimmer

    Schimmer Wavy Established

    You are right. It will work using an app called kemulator.