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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Prime, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Prime

    Prime Knight Staff Member Established

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    MANCHESTER -- Jose Mourinho has
    challenged Anthony Martial to follow the
    example of Marcus Rashford at Manchester
    United, claiming the France international
    still needs to "do the things I want very
    Martial, who signed from Monaco in a deal
    worth up to £58 million in August 2015,
    was dropped from the United squad for
    Sunday's 2-0 Premier League win against
    Chelsea after failing to impress Mourinho
    during last Thursday's 1-1 Europa League
    quarterfinal first-leg draw at Anderlecht.
    Mourinho has criticised his attitude and
    performances previously this season, but
    with Rashford emerging from a lengthy
    goal drought in recent weeks, the United
    manager has urged Martial to learn from
    the England international's contribution.
    "I know we are together for almost 10
    months," Mourinho told a news conference
    when asked if he was happy with Martial's
    performances. "The same way I know the
    players much better now and the players
    should know me also much better now.
    "The same way I know what the players
    like, I think they also know what I like. The
    same way I have to go in the direction of
    the players, the players they have also to
    come in my direction.
    "That's why Marcus Rashford, even without
    scoring goals, even without scoring in the
    league since September, even without that,
    he was always a player that I trust, always
    a player that I play, always a player that I
    support. Because he was always coming in
    my direction, in the direction I want from a
    player, what I want as a Manchester United
    "He is about that. It's about getting to
    know each other better and better and
    better and going in the direction of things
    we like.
    "Do I think Anthony is a player with great
    potential? Yes I think. Do I think he can be
    successful for me? Yes I think. But he needs
    to give me things I like very much."
    Meanwhile, Mourinho has said that Sergio
    Romero is not guaranteed to play in goal
    for United if they progress to the Europa
    League final. United take on Anderlecht in
    their quarterfinal second leg at Old Trafford
    on Thursday.
    Argentina No. 1 Romero has played in each
    of United's knockout games in the
    competition this season, with David De Gea
    not figuring since the encounter with
    Fenerbahce in November.
    But Mourinho says he has no intention of
    separating his goalkeepers for different
    "No, he [Romero] is not my goalkeeper for
    the Europa League," Mourinho said. "He's
    my goalkeeper for tomorrow and for other
    matches, but I don't like to do that,
    complete separation. Sergio is very
    experienced and playing very well. He
    played well in the Premier League, in the FA
    Cup, in the League Cup. Every time he plays,
    he plays well.
    "It's very important to have goalkeepers
    playing. If not, one day you have a problem
    and the goalkeeper doesn't have the
    feeling for the match. But I always like to
    have my goalkeepers playing in different
    competitions, not complete separation."
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  3. Jams

    Jams LTN-Certified Staff Member Support Team Established

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    Nice one :rolleyes:
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  4. Jams

    Jams LTN-Certified Staff Member Support Team Established

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    That's is a bitter true I notice here, I agree with him on this statement.
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