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How To Watch Apple ' S October 30 Event Easily

Discussion in 'Mobile Broadband Modems' started by Azeeztech, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Azeeztech

    Azeeztech Teams

    Apple just announced its next Special Event, carrying the mysterious tagline “There’s more in the making”. The theme of the event appears to be "art", judging by the plethora of colorful Apple logos that are peppered throughout the announcement materials.This will most likely be the last Apple event for 2018.

    Even if you live in New York, chances are you won’t be one of the lucky few to receive an invitation to attend the event at the Howard Gilman Opera House, so what are your options?

    Watching the live stream from the comfort of your home (or office), of course.
    As with the September 12 event, Apple will be streaming
    the presentation on its website at:
    Apple Special Event

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