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How To | Use Slow dns or Hammer VPN in Blocked countries

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Tweaks' started by gabriel222, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Anonymous Established


    This Application not available for use in your country: Hammer VPN is blocked in many countries by Tunnel guru Due to the unusual server load on their free server. You know that Hammer VPN is used to get free internet from any ISP provider in the world. Tunnel guru blocked some countries from using hammer VPN (new versions). But, older versions are working & It’s also not functioning properly. TechinDroid will provide a trick to use Hammer VPN in blocked countries.

    • Tunnel Guru premium Account October 2016
    • Droidvpn unlimited trail signup
    To use this trick you need a Rooted Android phone with Xposed installer, Just you have to install the Hammer VPN app and the Lataclysm (Xposed Module). Just follow the below steps to use Hammer VPN in your country.

    To Use Hammer VPN in Blocked countries
    • Make sure your device is Rooted and Xposed Installer is active.
    • At first Download Hammer VPN from Google Playstore.
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    Price: Free

    • Are you facing error “Waiting for server reply” Test with the premium server for making sure your network work with hammer vpn or not?
    • Download Lataclysm (Xposed module) Install it and Activate on Xposed installer & reboot your device.
    • Then open the lataclysm app and Select “Settings” option.
    • At Task 1 “PakageName box” type the following text: com.in.hammervpn
    • After that Click Ok button. At Next Select “Location” settings and select 2nd one.
    2 – UMTS.310410.New York.US
    • After that close this app you are all set now open Hammer VPN and enjoy free internet Again.

    • This trick is personally tested by me because mine also blacklists country of the Tunnel guru. So I, have invented this trick Don,t forget to share this Article and if you face any errors leave a comment below we will write you back.
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  3. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

  4. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    Wow, cool update
  5. gabriel222

    gabriel222 Anonymous Established

    those of u whom any vpn cant work for your country just follow d step and it will work dats wat have been using
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  6. Jude obi

    Jude obi Anonymous

    Nice job Gabito
  7. Jude obi

    Jude obi Anonymous

    ga Jam o........,pls come to my rescue o.When will I ever be an established member?After all,I have contributed immensely on this group.
  8. Jake10

    Jake10 Enthusiast Established

    @Gabriel buddy is it fast is yours fast and currently working now?
  9. Jake10

    Jake10 Enthusiast Established

    what network are you using precisely and bout Lataclysm (Xposed module) where can I download it
  10. Jake10

    Jake10 Enthusiast Established

    Link to download the Lataclysm (Xposed module)
  11. Jake10

    Jake10 Enthusiast Established

    the link
  12. Kanmexade

    Kanmexade Teams

  13. Kanmexade

    Kanmexade Teams

  14. Jake10

    Jake10 Enthusiast Established

    forget it the thread is long forgotten