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Breaking News How to send mail from different email using one Gmail account

Discussion in 'Computer Tips' started by Prime, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Prime

    Prime Glaive Glaive Established

    In this post, I am
    going to show you
    how to use your Gmail
    account to send and
    receive emails from
    multiple addresses.
    Most of us own more
    than one email
    account say for
    example, one from
    Gmail, one from
    Yahoo and one from
    Hotmail. If you are
    tired of logging into
    multiple accounts to
    check your inbox or
    send emails, I have a
    solution here.
    Gmail has an option to
    integrate multiple
    email accounts (email
    addresses) into a
    single Gmail account.
    Once you integrate
    multiple email
    addresses into your
    Gmail account, you can use the same account
    to send and receive
    emails for different
    email addresses you
    have. Let’s take a
    simple example.
    Suppose you have
    three email addresses
    (email accounts):

    1. Rayne@gmail.com
    2. Rayne@yahoo.com
    3. Rayne@hotmail.com
    You can integrate the
    rayne@yahoo.com and
    rayne@hotmail.com to
    rayne@gmail.com not my real mail, so no go spam nonsense there. and operate all the three
    accounts from your
    single gmail account.
    Here is a step-by-step
    procedure to do this:

    1. Login to your
    gmail account.

    2. Click on Settings
    at the top right

    3. Under Settings,
    on the Accounts

    4. Now you’ll see
    the first option
    “ Send mail as:“

    5. Under this option,
    click on Add
    another email
    address you
    own .

    6. Now a small new
    window will pop-
    up asking you to
    enter the details
    of your new
    email address.

    7. Here you can
    enter any name
    and any email
    address. The
    email address
    need not belong
    to gmail only.
    You can enter
    your yahoo,
    hotmail or any
    other valid email

    8. A Verification
    email will be sent
    to the address
    that you specify.
    Once you verify
    that you own the
    email address, it
    will be integrated
    to your Gmail

    Now, when you
    compose a new email,
    you’ll see an option to select from multiple address to send the mail. Also you’ll receive the incoming mails for multiple addresses to a single mailbox. I hope this will benefit you.
    Before you leave, I
    should also tell you
    one good advantage
    of this. According to
    Gmail privacy policy,
    they will not send the
    user’s IP address in the outgoing emails. That
    means, when you
    send an email from
    your Gmail account ,
    the receiver will not
    be able to find out
    your IP address. But
    you do not have this
    advantage in Yahoo or other email providers.

    Hope this was helpful please share Loyalteams Forums with your friends.
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