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Discussion in 'Computer Tips' started by Prime, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Prime

    Prime Glaive Glaive Established

    I wonder if you have ever faced
    situation when you need some
    important files of yours to be
    known only to you without ever
    having any sign that you are hiding
    something. You may have faced a
    creepy situation when you are
    hiding your personal diary in your
    computer and just everybody in
    your house wants to see it or you
    want to send your friends a hidden
    message. If you have ever faced
    such a situation, then let me tell
    you about Steganography.
    Big Name, isn’t it? But actually it is
    much simple. Steganography is the
    practice of concealing a file,
    message, image, or video within
    another file, message, image, or
    You may wonder why to use
    Steganography if you have various
    Encryption Technology that may
    better handle your privacy. Answer
    is simple, Plainly visible encrypted
    messages—no matter how
    unbreakable—arouse interest, and
    may in themselves be incriminating
    in countries where encryption is
    illegal. Thus, whereas cryptography
    is the practice of protecting the
    contents of a message alone,
    Steganography is concerned with
    concealing the fact that a secret
    message is being sent, as well as
    concealing the contents of the
    How to Hide data behind Image:
    In this post I would tell you about a
    simple Steganography which all of
    you can do with simple
    command.exe in your windows . All
    you need is WinRar, little
    knowledge of command prompt
    and a picture file. (You may take a
    selfie for this).
    Don’t worry if you do not know
    about command prompt, I would
    be guiding you:
    Step 1. Gather all the files that you wish to hide in a folder anywhere in you PC.[\b]
    FOR EXAMPLE: I am hiding two files
    in C:\New Folder

    Step 2: Now, add those files in a
    RAR archive(e.g. secret.rar) using
    the WinRar software.[\b] This file
    should be in the same directory (C:
    \New Folder).
    Step 3: Now copy that picture file in
    C:\New Folder.[\b]
    Step 4: Now open Command
    Prompt. (Go to Run and type cmd).[\b]
    Navigate to C:/New Folder using
    “cd” command.
    Now type:
    COPY /b Selfie.jpg+secret.rar
    (output.jpg would be containing
    hidden data).
    Bingo, your files are hidden.
    Step 5: Delete all files except
    If you would try to open output.jpg
    it would be a simple picture file.
    But if you would open output.jpg
    with WinRar Software… You would see your beloved files well hidden behind image file.
    Now you can give your selfie to
    your Crush with a love letter
    hidden behind it…

    My whole life, I was wandering
    about such tricks we used to see in Movies. Now we all can do such
    tricks within Minutes. Isn’t it too
    easy to Hide data between Image.
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  3. dogud

    dogud Anonymous Established

    wonderful thank
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