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How to get Free Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited webdisk space

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by Kelvin3200, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Kelvin3200

    Kelvin3200 Teams Established

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    Free Web Hosting as many web designer/developer understand its essence and full importance, These days we approach a lot web works ranging from blog design, WordPress customization, Landing page project, Forum hosting and many more. But due to some financial status, Free web hosting seems to be the situation solver. If you wanted to create a web site or blog and you are not in a position to spend much money on it, well, there are a couple of web hosts out there who provides web hosting for free. But let me tell you one thing, there are a lot of free web hosting companies. But not all offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited webdisk space.

    Having a free web hosting tends to help this matter a lot as you don’t spend a penny on hosting. As for me, as an average web developer/designer I created a free web hosting account for all my web works, Instead of buying a host, which will cost you more money. Before you get to read on how to get a free web hosting account have a quick glance at the importance of free web host:

    Advantages of Free Web Hosting Services:
    • It serves as a medium which an average web developer/designer test various scripts online.
    • It reduces cost of online expenses.
    • It helps host your files for a long time.
    • Host your files for free.
    • Can be used as a port-folio website, to display all web works.
    • They serve unlimited space.
    • They offer premium services, if you want it.
    • It serves as a test ground/workshop for various web activity.
    • Ads Free!
    Those are the few we can mention for now, but there are numerous other advantages of free web hosting services.


    I am sorry to say this but I had to. Initially, I wanted to write an Ebook for this service because it’s not free but on a second thought, I decided to put it down as a post for those of you who are willing to get it. In order words, the information is not FREE

    To get this Free Web Hosting Account, you need to contact me via whatsapp with this number +234-8-1-1-7-8-9-5-5-6-9(remove the hyphens)

    Only for interested people please. Don’t come and chat me up if you aren’t interested. Thanks guys for understanding.
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  3. dogud

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