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Freebies How to Get Almost All Udemy Courses for Free

Discussion in 'Premium Accounts' started by Krypton, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    1. Firstly go to Strictly For Established Members!
    2. Search for your Course, or just look around.

    3. There will be many courses with 100% discount, get one of those or any if you want.

    4. Select your course.

    5. Click on "Get Coupon".

    6. And you will be redirected to Udemy's website and a coupon will be applied automatically.

    That's it.
    Enjoy your free courses!

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    1. Jams
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  3. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Wow that's a million in one useful info.

    Thanks for sharing @Krypton keep it coming ()(-)

    Any Java programmer in the house or android developer?
    Krypton likes this.
  4. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    Java And Python here... and this dude @Alhaji Wise
    Jams likes this.
  5. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Glad to hear that :innocent:.

    Which ide are using for running your code + are you just starting it out?

  6. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    I use Eclipse, net beans, notpad++(just for basic html projects), e.t.c oh and i use backtrack for exploiting...
    And no i've been into it for like 4years
    Jams likes this.
  7. Eneh Emeka

    Eneh Emeka Teams

    Established members only:sob::sob::sob:
    Krypton likes this.
  8. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    @Jams what about you only java?
    Jams likes this.
  9. Sakpe

    Sakpe Teams

    Pls come to our aid and help us to enjoy this too, as a member I think we should be entitle to this content as well. Am a C#, JavaScript guy
    Krypton likes this.
  10. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Guru Established

    Nice one
    Krypton likes this.
  11. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Yeap, Java + html, CSS and some JavaScript.

    But my focused is mainly on Java programming.

    Krypton likes this.
  12. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    So you mean you haven't use intellij ide yet?
  13. Aluko

    Aluko Guru Staff Member Support Team Established

    Krypton and Jams like this.
  14. Krypton

    Krypton Guru Established

    Nope but i have it installed..... laziness will not allow me use it
  15. Alhaji Wise

    Alhaji Wise Teams

    Guy java get as e be, I don pause for Java. Python for now :l:
    Jams likes this.
  16. bihurlar005

    bihurlar005 Wavy Established

    How is udemy work are they using it to make money?
  17. bihurlar005

    bihurlar005 Wavy Established

    Plz tell me more on how to go about it
  18. bihurlar005

    bihurlar005 Wavy Established

    I have enrolled in many course now so please tell me how it works?
    Krypton likes this.
  19. Established members just switched errtin up! I came in with joy and now i gt dissapointment.. I am a very constant viewer of this forumm active on telegram group buh no too dey post here.. I gt notin to post nh. Make i dey do copy and paste?
  20. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

    Its good.... @Jams, @kryton, teach people what you know...especially, jsva
    Krypton likes this.
  21. Of what use is this post when we can't even see the first step