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Hot How to Get 4.5GB for N500 on 9mobile

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by Lukastech Blog, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Lukastech Blog

    Lukastech Blog Enthusiast Established

    What's up Niccurs?

    We're here this evening to update you on a latest update from 9mobile which offer you 4.5GB for N500 - Interesting Right??

    And i think this might serve as a remedy to those who can't get their 9mobile 1gb for N200 working.

    And then hopefully this offer is only available for 9mobile morecliq subscribers.

    You can click the above link to know how to join 9mobile morecliq, afterwards lets look at its below:

    9mobile Morecliq Offers:

    √ 15MB free data weekly for every recharge of N200;
    √ 10 free MMS weekly for recharging same N200 airtime;
    √ 1MB for ₦5 when you activate
    Cliq-4-D-day service by dialing
    √ Free midnight calls from 12.30am-4.30am for a minimum of N100 recharge;
    √ 150% bonus on every recharge for new subscribers;
    √ Send one SMS and you won't be charged for the next one to any 9Mobile line.

    How to Activate 9mobile 4.5GB for N500

    Straight to the matter; Simply recharge your "New" 9Mobile line with N500 and dial *229*10*16# to activate your 4.5GB data.

    Please note that this data offer works only on new SIM cards; visit any 9mobile store nearest to you, buy and register a SIM then call 200 and select 2 to join the MoreCliq tariff package.

    Meanwhile, it's important to note that this 4.5gb data is valid for 5 days . It looks like a good substitute for the 9Mobile N200 for 1gb which lasts for 3 days.

    What do you think?

    Kindly share this post and drop your comments below.

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  3. runor

    runor Anonymous Established

    Nice one
  4. Guesthack

    Guesthack Wavy Established

    Nice share
  5. seems legit:grinning:
  6. Xexi Adson

    Xexi Adson Anonymous Established

    I wish the existing morecliq users can benefit
  7. sal

    sal Enthusiast Established

  8. chinexy

    chinexy Wavy

    dats kul
  9. Rolex1440

    Rolex1440 Journeyman Established

    Can a new sim that I have just activated on moretalk work if I migrate to MoreCliq?
  10. trustdee

    trustdee Teams

    Is this a one time offer ? Cus i dont need to waste money and time buying new sim
  11. Lukastech Blog

    Lukastech Blog Enthusiast Established

    Yes bro .... na the validity period spoil am
  12. Lukastech Blog

    Lukastech Blog Enthusiast Established

    Give it a try first. .. i don't know what to say about that
  13. trustdee

    trustdee Teams


    You dint answer my question ; I asked , is it a one time subscription or multiple times