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Cracked How To Bypass Speed Throttling On MTN 3/4G & Smile 4G Night plans

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by Gad, May 12, 2018.

  1. Gad

    Gad Hack Freak Hack Freak Support Team Established


    Here's a new way to bypass speed throttling on both MTN & Smile 4G night plans, sometimes when you subscribe to the night plans our ISP have a way of throttling the speed during usage, especially that of smile 4G night plan during from 11pm downward...

    So today your problem is now over.....

    Just follow the steps below

    Y'all got to download Ultrasurf VPN app from Google play store or here >> You must be registered to see links when downloaded open the app

    And follow the screenshot >>>>

    Open the app and click on the three dot at the right hand side of the app
    Loading PicsArt_05-12-08.33.38.png…

    Select Http proxy...

    Loading PicsArt_05-12-08.33.12.png…

    And input that IP and port to bypass the throttling on both mtn & smile 4G night plans....

    The IP is a strong one even your ISP won't detect that you are using one...

    IP >>

    PORT >> 8888

    Good luck....and enjoy your night plans without any speed throttling.......
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  3. chinexy

    chinexy Wavy

    speed throttling ds nt apply to me if I sub 4 nyt plan...tnks anyway
  4. Gad

    Gad Hack Freak Hack Freak Support Team Established

    K no probs
  5. D-Expendable

    D-Expendable Anonymous Established

  6. sal

    sal Enthusiast Established

    Nice one bro
  7. G-lord

    G-lord Journeyman Established

    NOt connecting bro
  8. Rolex1440

    Rolex1440 Journeyman Established

    Sometimes, it could just be network overload. Speed usually picks up well from 2 a.m. from what I have observed.
    But Airtel is the worst culprit at my location. Theirs may actually be speed throttling.
    Thanks for the info.
  9. Schimmer

    Schimmer Journeyman Established

    Thanks for the update