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Official How To Acquire Established Badge And Extra Features & Benefits Attach To It

Discussion in 'LTN ANNOUCEMENT' started by Jams, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Well i I think you will be wondering why you're still limited to some certain thing you can do in loyalteams forum and I am sure reading this thread will enlighten you more on it.

    Why can't I do certain things?

    New users/Inactive member are somewhat limited for safety reasons. As you participate here, you'll gain the trust of the community, become a full LTNCitizen, and those limitations will automatically be removed.

    Established members
    are members that have a few extra features because they contributed something useful to this site. It's actually not hard to become an established member, but it does require some minimal effort.

    Basic requirements:
    1. User has posted at least 30 post
    2. User has been registered for at least30 days
    • Maintain 5 post every 30 days period to keep your account on Established Group.
    You must be registered to see links


    Forum Permission
    • Time limit on editing/deleting own posts = Unlimited
    • Edit thread title by self
    • Delete post by self
    • Can Bypass Flood Check
    • Bypass spam check
    • Maximum mention alerts per message = 20
    • Attachment Size = 2mb
    • Maximum Attachment Count = 10 per post
    Spoiler BBCODE
    • Spoiler contents visible only for Established Member.
    • Manage tags by others in own thread
    Avatar Permission
    • Upload an avatar
    • Maximum avatar image file size = 100kb
    Signature Option
    Personal Conversations
    • Can Start personal conversations
    • Edit own messages
    • Time limit on editing own messages (minutes) = 20
    • Maximum conversation recipients = 20
    • Can upload attachment
    Profile Post Permissions
    • Post new profile posts
    • Edit profile posts by self
    • Delete profile posts by self


    You can equally check our premium package which is bombarded with a lot of offer if you can't make up for the established criteria. emoji_point_down

    Official - LTN Premium Package And Benefits Attached To It | Loyalteams Forums
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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  3. Nathan

    Nathan Anonymous

    Will I be able to make this up???... You know I only drop 2post per week...
    Trinity likes this.
  4. Praise

    Praise Anonymous Established

    Lesley001 likes this.
  5. Ace

    Ace Participant

    Welp, it's a nice plan
  6. Sandx

    Sandx Anonymous Established

    Welcome development..
  7. Smd

    Smd Teams Established

    Ok o, we dat ain't computer geeks let's see how things go... Maybe we gonna chill n make money nf afford data instead waiting for fbt...
  8. tolima

    tolima Wavy Established

    Can we meet up with this requirements...
    Umeoka Davis likes this.
  9. Tuctac

    Tuctac Participant Established

    Nice development, and it is a great one at least it will make the forum more lively and get to know the loyal members in loyalteams not like some genre of people always taken something of beneficial from loyalteams but to create and contribute is a problem for them lolz.
    Lesley001 likes this.
  10. Tuctac

    Tuctac Participant Established

    Hmm, I pity what you're saying please how many times did loyalteams requested something from you and it is only 5 post to be on established you're here saying the way forward is to susbscribe, go and susbscribe my friend those who will enjoy will enjoy not like lazy one. And I am sure you really don't know what it takes to create only a working free Internet tips mtcheww.
    Lesley001 likes this.
  11. Tuctac

    Tuctac Participant Established

    Will get my established membership badge soon, kudos @Jams and the Teams Cracker Group.
    Lesley001 and Nathan like this.
  12. Nathan

    Nathan Anonymous

    Sure you will... Just keep feeding us beta post
  13. Cool
    Tuctac and Jams like this.
  14. joseph

    joseph Wavy

    runor likes this.
  15. toheeb2452

    toheeb2452 Enthusiast Established

    nice work
  16. aeonalex

    aeonalex Teams

    I've been in the shadows all this while and this is making me post for the first time ever lol
  17. Minato1

    Minato1 Teams

    Same as you aeonalex
  18. Sffff

    Sffff Teams

    Why all dis now bro
  19. Smd

    Smd Teams Established

    Pls stfu...u don't even know wat u saying... U can so misquote someone, visiting d site ain't enuf? Let alone Becoming an established member...dig it sucker
  20. Joespiceman

    Joespiceman Anonymous Established

    Choi! Make loyalteams pity us na. Where person go get five post.
    Dedeizu and Suleiman1632 like this.
  21. Nalsz

    Nalsz Teams

    All good... Let me begin the race to becoming established