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How i make #5,000 everyday from EPS- Email Processing System,

Discussion in 'Online Money Making Tips' started by Timzzy29, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Timzzy29

    Timzzy29 Enthusiast Established

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    Send me a fend request wen u are tro reading wats in d link(u cn search for this number on Facebook 08088843093, tobi Rotimi)

    Get paid #5000 for Every Email you process

    Congratulations! You are about to change your life for the better.


    -for every email u process u will get paid #5000

    -for each person you refer and bring into EPS nd process his/her email u will get paid 5000, so imagine u bring 4every week dats a freaking 20k
    ******to register is 5k

    (U will also get a eBook which contains how to make money online,trust me I have dis book its really a game changer, stop chatting all day use ur life do beta thing, lazy man/woman wake up)

    To get more details pls click d link below nd read more

    Follow our Simple System and do the following below:

    Step 1:. Check your email inbox daily

    Step 2:. Send out the info we supply for you in ur training materials

    Step 3:. Get paid #5000 Per Email Sent out.

    Instant: LIFETIME ACCESS HERE Join Now.

    Pls click d below link to read more

    (Copy nd paste d link above to ur browser in order to read what's in it)

    When you are tro read what's in d link pls inbox me to add you to the payment proof group(a group were oda EPs members r a group were alert drop anyhow)

    Note: to register is 5000, its your choice to be rich, its also your choice to be poor, have made my choice

    To inbox me pls message me on WhatsApp 07017561614 so I can add u to EPs payment proof Facebook group,
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  3. otemzi

    otemzi Journeyman Established

    Anybody else wondering why this account yet to be ban?
    Jams likes this.
  4. Timzzy29

    Timzzy29 Enthusiast Established

    D funny thing is DAT I make my money everyday, d funny thing is jams nd oda ltn guru make dier money, d funny funny thing is DAT u sleep nd wake up on loyal teams because cheat(cheat way day plenty for ground) its just an observation bro stop insulting people DAT post ads abt online business only except u r 100% sure is scam

    As day said, lazy man wake use ur life do beta thing thank God bless u
    Jams likes this.
  5. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Asking members to pm you or dropping of contact info e.g number is not allowed. I thaught I warned you over this before.

    Read the forum rules & regulations to get yourself acquainted with do's and don't on loyalteams forum>>>
    Terms of Service and Rules | Loyalteams Forums

  6. Timzzy29

    Timzzy29 Enthusiast Established

    Wait if dropping of number is nt allowed y is der a networking section bro,

    Every online business I drop is 100% legit

    U have never warn me before

    If I don't drop my contact how will day contact me to register(u guys created networking section, becus odas DAT have does section doesn't have d rules nairaland doesn't have d restrict

    I think d management should allow dropping of contact or day should remove d online network section,
    giftgoke and Jams like this.
  7. Timzzy29

    Timzzy29 Enthusiast Established

    Becus since I was on ltn I have never seen any complain of scam in any online business
  8. Jams

    Jams Specialisit Staff Member Established

    Ok no problem.
  9. otemzi

    otemzi Journeyman Established

    Hehe thanks for the advice and I actually thought you would provide reason to do the above not this respond.

    Well kudos and gl
  10. Timzzy29

    Timzzy29 Enthusiast Established

    Wait bro y did u say day should ban me
  11. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

    In some sites, all this things will be confirmed first either is fake or original by mod before it can be allow but here, everyone will just come begging for money in other ways....
    Lastly, to protect this site, something needs to be done.....
    otemzi likes this.
  12. Timzzy29

    Timzzy29 Enthusiast Established

    Y do people have jealousy nd anger in them
    Yes m begging for money so that others can beg for it to,

    Was I not here when ltn sell their premium package for 1k

    So bro because ur life is wrecked pls don't make others

    Because I follow the rule of the group

    I never posted aside from networking section

    So pls when ever u see anyone post abt money pls don't comment because we are following d rule

    Since I join ltn I Aff never seen a single scam making money post

    Pls mind ur business we have different purpose in ltn
    giftgoke likes this.
  13. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

    Sorry bros. I don't mean that.... But for space saving, that is why
  14. otemzi

    otemzi Journeyman Established

    lol @Timzzy29, when someone make a reply to your post your first answer is to attack the person with words claiming you more active or use different means to make money and the person probably jealous or jobless.

    My advice would be to calm down, you don't know who might help you tomorrow be it financially or not and what @schoolhelp say is correct, LTN not just making name like any other website available but rather trying to create a place where users can be entertained and also have genuine financial ideas to dive into.

    Providing your number and directing users to contact you privately, personally, I don't think it falls into this category.

    Do have a nice day
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
    schoolhelp likes this.
  15. Timzzy29

    Timzzy29 Enthusiast Established

    Every brand has a line customer line

    Always remember dat
  16. Ahmed222

    Ahmed222 Teams

    Very easy way to make money

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    You must be registered to see links