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h#ck Dent to get unlimited Mb

Discussion in 'Free Airtime Giveaway/Apps & Cracked' started by Kurosaki Ichigo, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Kurosaki Ichigo

    Kurosaki Ichigo Anonymous Established

    Hello guys, How has it been at your end,let’s check out this latest Dent h#ck, Since the last upgrade of the data dishing app DENT, it has not been easy for many to accumulate more dent
    tokens as usual since the upgrade scrapped OTP verification , Those who a good at registering friends and colleague, thus accumulating more dent Token and Data on the. Dent app are facing a hard time now, since the new upgrade requires the to-be registered number to be active on the android phone which the registration is done with, without that the call verification wouldn’t work out well without that, no verification, no registration, but nevertheless, there is a way out, can I hear you say yea!!!, wants to find out the latest Dent h#ck /Dent call verification bypass to be precise, then read on.

    Alright straight to the point, This new Dent h#ck works out of the box if you adhere to the instructions, Do note that this latest dent h#ck is Unlimited and limited depending on how you make use of it, for those with lots of friends that need free data dearly this latest dent h#ck will dish you dents.

    How To Bypass Dent Call verification/ Latest Dent h#ck
    Follow the instructions below to be able to bypass( dent h#ck) the recent dent call verification and perform more registrations swiftly, this latest Dent h#ck is made possible with the Aid of Call forwarding/ call divert feature of every mobile phone number, with this feature you can divert incoming calls to your desired mobile phone number with a simple USSD code, Fortunately almost all ISPS/ Telecom operators use the same USSD for Call Divert aided with this latest dent mod app.

    Here is how it works:
    >>First Download the Latest Dent App if you Haven’t
    >>Secondly, Download Dent Mod App
    >>Install Both the Original Dent App and the Mod Dent app
    >>Login to your Dent account( the one you use to accumulate more dents) on the MOD Dent app
    >>Share your Invitation link and save it
    >>Now get a new mobile phone number you wish to register
    If its a distant friend number prompt him to activate a call divert on his number, To active the call diverts, dial **21*number (the number to be diverted to) the #keep in mind that the divert number should be your mobile which is actively on the phone you are performing the registration on. Once the call divert is set open the Original Dent app via your invitation link and perform a new registration with the new number you diverted, The dent call verification will be diverted to your active number, once verified, complete the registration.
    After all is done, do remember to Deactivate the call divert you set earlier, To do so simple Dail ##21# a successful deactivated message should pop up. Never Skip this method unless you ready to receive every one of your friends or colleagues calls.

    Note that the call diverts USSD might Differ, though the general USSD is the one shared on this post if those didn’t work well on your mobile number you should perform a google search on that using your network as the search keyword.
    That’s all Guys…
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2018
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