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Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by Abdul44, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Abdul44

    Abdul44 Teams

    A new keyboard for Android has arrived at the official store, the Google Play Store. It’s called Grammarly Keyboard and it’s been available for iOS for quite some time now and also available for desktop and finally it now available to the Android operating system. There are plenty of alternatives for keyboards and a new alternative to taking into account is the Grammarly Keyboard when you reach the Google Play Store for good keyboard for your device.

    This keyboard is particularly interesting for those who value good grammar and verbal correction. Something that is nowadays in extinction, especially in the younger age groups. In its favor, this keyboard for Android can find errors and correct the text with just one click. Above all, it focuses on automatic text correction mechanisms.

    Mistakes happen, even for the most careful of users. Incidentally, if you spend a lot of time writing on the computer – here like your dear author – mistakes will undoubtedly happen. Now in the Play Store, you’ll have this new keyboard for Android and honestly, I love it if you give it a try.With a simple click on the screen, all that text that sometimes we enter without great care happens to be corrected. With automatic and other suggested corrections. All this degree of “automatic correction” will be user definable. A good addition to the Google Play Store.
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  2. Xexi Adson

    Xexi Adson Anonymous Established

    Next level grammar keyboard
    Thanks for your info
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