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Glo Nigeria Cheapest Tariff Plans, Call Rates and Migration codes (Local & International)

Discussion in 'Tarrif Plan' started by schoolhelp, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp School Master (HOD) Staff Member Glaive Established

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    The bundles are designed to match the recharge denominations and include IDD 100, IDD 200, IDD 500 and IDD 1000.

    What’s the value of each IDD pack?

    • The IDD 100 gives the subscriber 12 minutes of call valid for 3 days
    • IDD 200 gives 24 call minutes for 7 days.
    • The IDD 500 bundle gives 60 minutes of calling for 14 days, while the fourth bundle…
    • IDD 1000, will avail the user 150 call minutes valid for 30 days.

    To subscribe, Simply dial *777#, click on voice profile & packs, click on call 30 countries @ local rate, click on desired IDD Pack.

    Exempted from this offer are;
    Glo Bumpa, Generation G, Talk More (200% Bonus) & Jolific8.

    2. Glo 11k/s Tariff Plan
    Glo 11k/s tariff plan is one of the cheapest tariff plans on the network, that offers and provides a heavily discounted call rate at 11kobo per second. If you are a call addict, you would prefer the plan due to its affordability and flexibility.
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    The tariff plan is available for new and existing customers on the network as the activation has to base on the dialing of a USSD code. No purchase of new SIM for activation.

    With this plan, calls are charged at 11k/s to all local networks and for international calls to 30 top destinations.

    The destinations include; United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, India, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel and Australia. Others are Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania and Singapore.

    To Migrate to Glo 11k Tariff Plan
    Dial *211# to migrate to the plan. A daily access fee of N5.

    How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on Glo 11k/s call plan?

    Let’s do the calculations:
    Daily Access Fee: N5.00 Naira (100 – 5 = N95.00 left)
    N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
    So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N95/N6.6 ≅ 14 minutes 39 seconds
    3. Glo Bounce Tariff Plan
    Glo Bounce Tariff Plan offers best and competitive flat rate tariff to all networks with unlimited and unparalleled value most especially for our upwardly mobile customers.
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    Call for as low as 15k/s flat-rate to all networks (MTN, Airtel, ntel, Smile, Etisalat etc) and as low as 11k/s to your friends who are on the Glo Bounce Plan.

    On migrating to Bounce, you get:
    • Free RBT (Ring Back Tunes).
    • Unlimited free SMS: 1 free SMS for 1 charged.
    • 15MB on every ₦200 recharged.
    To Migrate to Glo Bounce Tariff Plan
    Dial *170*4#, select 1 when asked for confirmation, and start enjoying Glo Bounce.

    How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on Glo Bounce Call Plan?

    Let’s do the calculations for (Glo bounce users):
    N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.60k
    So, with N100 recharge card, you will get >> N100/N6.6 ≅ 15 minutes 15 seconds
    Let’s do the calculations for (Off-net):
    N0.15kobo X 60 seconds = N9.00k
    So, with N100 recharge card, you will get >> N100/N9.00 ≅ 11 minutes 11 seconds
    4. Glo Infinito Tariff Plan
    Glo Infinito is a unique and simple prepaid tariff plan with no hidden charges, allows you to call your 10 family and friends numbers, no rental payments and no conditions.

    It comes with a flat calling rate of 20K/s (20 kobo per seconds) enables you to call any network in Nigeria at 20K/s from 1st to the last second of your call Family and Friends rate of 11k/s means you can call 10 frequently called family, friends, and associates at 11k/s once you register such numbers.

    To Migrate to Glo Infinito Tariff Plan
    Dial *100*9*2# to migrate to the plan.

    How to add 10 frequently called family and friends
    Dial *101*1*Mobile Number#.

    How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on Glo Infinito call plan?

    Let’s do the calculations for (10 family & friends):
    N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.60k
    So, with N100 recharge card, you will get >> N100/N6.6 ≅ 15 minutes 15 seconds
    Let’s do the calculations for (Off-net):
    N0.20kobo X 60 seconds = N12k
    So, with N100 recharge card, you will get >> N100/N12 ≅ 8 minutes 33 seconds
    5. Glo G-BAM Tariff Plan
    Unlike Glo Infinito that allows you to add 10 families and friends, this package offers amazing flexibility enabling you to call five (5) special numbers at only 11k/s and enjoy 5MB free browsing every day. It offers a unique proposition to the Nigerian Youths making it possible for them to check their emails, enjoy Facebook, Twitter etc.

    To migrate, simply dial *10*5*1#

    6. Glo Generation G
    This Tariff Plan gives an amazing bonus on all recharges. If you recharge very often then this plan is for you. You also get free 15MB on every recharge of N200, with free SMS as well. Airtime bonus includes; 50% bonus on recharge of N100, 100% bonus on recharge of N200 and 200% bonus on recharge of N500 and above.

    To migrate, Simply dial *170*5#

    7. Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan
    The Glo Jollific8 is an amazing plan that allows new Glo prepaid customers get eight (8x) times the value of whatever they recharge. New customers also enjoy Voice and Data on every recharge.

    Glo Jollific8 offers new subscribers 800% more value on every recharge from ₦100 and above. Customers get octuplet benefits, including Bonus to call all local networks, browse freely and get free data that can be gifted to other subscribers.

    On-net and off-net calls are charged at 67k/s.

    See breakdown of bonuses below:
    • ₦100 recharge gives ₦800 + 10MB (₦50) = ₦850
    • ₦200 recharge gives ₦1,600 + 25MB (₦100) = ₦1,700
    • ₦500 recharge gives ₦4,000 + 50MB (₦200) = ₦4,200
    • ₦1,000 recharge gives ₦8,000 + 100MB (₦400) = ₦8,400
    • ₦5,000 recharge gives ₦40,000 + 500MB (₦2,000) = ₦42,000
    To Migrate To Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan
    All you need to do is, purchase a new Glo SIM card, recharge airtime with *123*PIN# and you’ll be automatically activated on the Jollifi8 Call Tariff Plan on Glo to get 800% bonus.

    To Check Jollific8 Bonus Balance.
    Dial #122# for Voice/data benefits and *606# for data gift benefits.

    8. Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan
    Remember the saying, save today spend tomorrow? Well with this plan you have to spend today to enjoy tomorrow. You get double of whatever you use today, be it on calls, text or data. No conditions attached, no hidden fees.
    You must be registered to see links

    With Glo Free Tomorrow, there’s no limit to what you can use for calling, texting, browsing and more.

    Glo Free Tomorrow gives you the chance to get DOUBLE your daily usage back the next day. Usage is charged at 28k/s, N4/SMS, and 5k/kb while Bonus is charged at 56k/s, N8/SMS, and 10k/kb

    To migrate, Simply dial *300#.

    9. Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan
    Glo Bumpa prepaid plan gives you 200% bonus on all recharges above ₦100. This is the most cost-effective tariff plan in the market and giving 3 times the value of whatever is recharged.

    For instance, If you recharge ₦1000, you will be given ₦3000 (₦1000 + ₦2000 “200%”). This 200% bonus is placed on every recharge forever, there’s no limit.

    Bear in mind that with this plan, On-net and Off-net call rates are charged at 50K/s.

    To migrate, dial *100*10*1#

    To Check Glo Bumpa Airtime Bonus
    Dial #122*2#

    10. Glo Formula Tariff Plans
    With Glo Formula, you can now get four times (4x) the fun on every recharge your make starting from ₦100 and above. This bonus can be used for voice, SMS, data and international calls.
    You must be registered to see links

    It can be used to call all networks in Nigeria (Airtel, Etisalat, MTN, ntel etc) and 30 international destinations.

    Destinations are:
    UK, US, Canada, China, India, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden.

    To activate Glo Formula and get four times of your recharge, kindly dial *323*PIN# now.

    Dial #122*30# to check the balance.

    Glo Tariff Plans and Their Codes
    Below is a table containing the summary of all the various Glo tariff plans and their codes.

    Glo Tariff Plans and Migration Codes (Summary)

    Glo IDD Packs *777#
    Glo 11k *211#
    Glo Bounce *170*4# » select 1
    Glo Infinito *100*9*2#
    Glo G-BAM *10*5*1#
    Glo Generation G *170*5#
    Glo Jollific8 *123*PIN#
    Glo Free Tomorrow *300#
    Glo Bumpa *100*10*1#
    Glo Formula *323*PIN#

    I hope this information helped? Which one is your favorite?

    Let us know via the comment section if you have any further questions about the Glo Tariff Plans

    All for LTN Members
    Happy Weekend
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