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Discussion in 'Online Money Making Tips' started by Kaycee, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Kaycee

    Kaycee Participant Established

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    I came across this Crypto tab browser. It’s really cool because it pays you for browsing the Internet and it’s free.

    After installation sign into it with your Facebook account or Google account in other to protect your earnings should in case you lost your device, you will be able to log into another device and continue your earning.

    As long as you are browsing the Internet your earnings will continue growing and you will be seeing it.

    You can speedup your earnings by inviting someone, through you link which you will see below your dashboard.. You earn 15% of what the person you refer mined, and if the person you refer then refers another person you will 10% of what they mined etc,

    Truth be told you have nothing to lose because it does not charge you for anything..
    Just be coming online and that all you need.

    The moment your earnings get to the point of withdrawal which is 0.00001Bitcoin Just click on the 3lines at the top right corner of the browser, scroll down you will see withdrawal, click on it and its will request for a bitcoin address and the amount you want to withdraw. Once you put you bitcoin address just submit. And in 24hours later you will see your account credited.

    The link is below

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