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Cracked Free Browsing Cheat Settings for MTN mPulse Get 1.2GB for N150 with phispon handler

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by imontechs, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. imontechs

    imontechs Teams

    This post will show you show Free Browsing Cheat Settings for MTN mPulse Get data plan and psiphon handler apk.

    To begin you have to migrate to MTN mPulse by dailing the subscription code below; HOW TO MIGRATE TO MTN MPULSE PLAN How To Subscribe To mPulse Data Plans For Weekly bundle of 350MB, send 350 to 344 For Monthly bundle of 1.2GB, send 351 to 344 Or alternatively dial *344# and select data bundle of your choice. CODE TO CHECK MTN MPULSE DATA BALANCE Dial *344*2*2# to check data balance. How To Browse With MTN mPulse Data Using HTTP Injector MTN MPULSE FREE BROWSING CHEAT SETTINGS ON PSIPHON HANDLER.

    To get settings click the link below : You must be registered to see links
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  3. Dre

    Dre Enthusiast Established

    Welcome Bro..But don't you think using it with Psiphon will expose the bug host? Unlike Kpn, eproxy and Http inject where you can locked the configuration.