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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jesse, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Jesse

    Jesse Participant

    *UD1*: *FIFA 18 ratings: Messi, Neymar and the top 10 dribblers*

    EA Sports has unveiled the 10 best dribblers on FIFA 18 - and Lionel Messi is top of the pile once again.

    The Barcelona star sees a one-point decrease to his dribbling rating this year but so does second-place Neymar, so Messi continues to lead the way.

    Eden Hazard ranks third, with Paulo Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo rounding out the top five.

    Many of these players are playable in the FIFA 18 demo released worldwide on Tuesday , allowing gamers to test out the latest edition of the football simulation ahead of its official release on September 29.

    Here are the 10:

    LIONEL MESSI (Barcelona)
    EDEN HAZARD (Chelsea)
    PAULO DYBALA (Juventus)
    THIAGO (Bayern Munich)
    ANDRES INIESTA (Barcelona)
    ARJEN ROBBEN (Bayern Munich)
    FRANCK RIBERY (Bayern Munich)
    BERNARDO SILVA (Manchester City)
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  2. Valentine Onah

    Valentine Onah Enthusiast Established

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