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Download PES 2018 PSP game on Android

Discussion in 'Gaming Forum' started by FoxFi, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. FoxFi

    FoxFi Guru

    PES 2018 PSP game is now available on Android for download, with much improved graphics and game-play. The PES 2018 PSP game has the current football stars in their respective clubs, e.g Neymar JR (Paris Saint Germain), Mohammed Salah (Liverpool FC), Ousmane Dembele (FC Barcelona) just to mention a few. You must be registered to see links

    The game's ISO file is up-to-date with added features like 3D display and so much more. It also has local and online multiplayer mode and external MyClub mode with local guest support. Like I said earlier, the game's ISO file is up-to-date with added features, so, let's quickly take a good look at these features.

    Features of PES 2018 PSP game
    1. Improved passing, goal techniques, goal celebration and shooting techniques.
    2. Enhanced 3D graphics. The fans look's like real life figures, their reactions are based on real-life celebrations and the stadium view is amazing.
    3. Full access to Manager Mode.
    4. Availability of Female Football Players.
    5. It has an online mode.
    Before jumping into the download section, you need to have a PSP Emulator on your Android device. You can download PSP Emulator for your Android device You must be registered to see links.

    How to install PES 2018 PSP game in Android
    1. First of all, extract the PES 2018 ISO file with any Android app (ZArchiver is highly recommended).
    2. You should see the PES 2018 ISO file in the extracted file.
    3. Move the PES 2018 ISO file to SD card>>PSP>>Game.
    4. Launch your PSP Emulator and tap on find games.
    5. Open the PES 2018 game and enjoy!
    You must be registered to see links
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  3. Onieghosa

    Onieghosa Wavy Established

    ps4 my guy not this old school