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David and Goliath.

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by Nathan, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Nathan

    Nathan Anonymous

    David vs Goliath Nathan version

    Goliath: Hey kid! wah re u looking 4
    on the battle field??

    David: Shut up tall & senseless man
    u think u can defeat me??

    Goliath: U Should be feeding ur
    hens @ home.. not brawling me

    David: Shut ur trash.. u muh'fvcker
    i'll kill u with only one fist

    Goliath: Fvck U Bitch...
    I Aint gat no
    time for u toddler.
    No mind me just testing my phone touchpad...
    Go & Read Ur Bible For The Real
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  3. dogud

    dogud Guru Established

    which kind play be this.come back and complete the story 00