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Dani alves consoles crying Neymer

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Prime, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Prime

    Prime Knight Staff Member Established

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    Juventus right-back Dani Alves has revealed the advice he gave to a sobbing Neymar in the aftermath of Wednesday's 0-0 Champions League quarterfinal second-leg
    tie with Barcelona.
    The Bianconeri advanced to the semifinals 3-0 on aggregate over Barca with the result, and a disconsolate Neymar was
    pictured sobbing into the arms of his former Blaugrana teammate Alves after the match.
    And Alves, who left Barcelona for free last summer, said: "The only thing I told him was not to regard this as a defeat, but as a
    learning experience, to get up from this type of situation and move on."
    Neymar completed 13 dribbles against a suffocating Juventus on Wednesday, the most in a Champions League game since
    November 2014, when Chelsea's Eden Hazard had 15 against Maribor.
    However, it wasn't enough as Barcelona's
    fearsome attack sputtered at the Camp Nou
    against the defending Italian champions.
    "To see my friends sad hurts a lot. When
    there are feelings involved, it's very difficult,
    but this profession is like that, and I need
    to leave feelings out, to do my work and
    defend these colours with honour," the
    Brazil international said.
    "If it had happened the other way, they
    would be sad for me."
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